Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Unique guest house of Daegu - The place of culture, art, and communication

Where to stay when on a trip to Daegu?
Comfortable hotels and motels with perfect facilities are good but they are costly. 

The real beauty of trip is guest house!
Aside from the affordable cost, you can also get to meet people on a trip from different countries. 

Guest houses of Daegu is attracting tourists with many different programs.
We will introduce you to unique guest houses in Daegu for the tourists who enjoy going on a trip to Daegu. 

The first on the list is a guest house that has all burning heat of the youth, fun, and rest. It’s the guest house ‘The Style’.

It opened summer of last year and now it is standing out as the best guest house in Daegu. 
The Style transformed itself into a new unique place after a recent remodeling. 

There is also a unique place that combined culture and art in the basement prepared for you. At the moment ‘Shiva Hurricane’ exhibition is going on~ it just feels like you’re in India!

Various exhibitions and concerts of many domestic artist are constantly going on in this place.

This is not the end of the transformation of The Style.
We thoroughly figured out ‘The Style’ through an interview with manager Sung-bin Lee.

   ▲Sung-bin Lee, the Manager of the guest house

Q. Why did you transformed the guest house The Style?
A. The guest houses should change now. Breaking away from a concept of lodging where they go on a trip and sleep, guest houses need things that can add fun, impression, and pleasure. That’s why I turned The Style into a place where tourists and even local people can have fun. 

Letting them relax with a cup of tea, provide tourists and local people a place to socialize, and by planning different programs, I wanted everyone who visits The Style to remember their trip to Daegu. 

Q. Tell us about some unique programs that we can find in The Style.
A. We have programs such as cooking class, Japanese, and English classes for tourists and local community members where they can feel and learn cultures and languages of different countries. Aside from that, we have bicycle tour where you can tour around every corner of Daegu with a bicycle, a program where you can tour tourist spots with a photographer taking photos for you, and Hanbok experience which is also popular among foreigners.

Q. Future plans of The Style?
A. We will keep planning celebrations that can bring every youths, community members, and tourists together so many people from within and outside the country will keep coming to Daegu. And at the end of July, we will open ‘The Korean-style House & Spa’, ‘The Style Bali’ to strengthen the position as an excellent tourist spot in Daegu. Furthermore, our dream is to foster and educate tourism related major college students to make Daegu a tourist spot where every tourist can enjoy and be satisfied. 

The Style Program for travelers

1) Bicycle rental
  - Day Rental  : 10,000 won for 5 hours (4,000 won discount for guests) / 1,000 won per hour for every additional hours
  - Night Rental (6PM ~) : 5,000 won for 2 hours (2,000 won discount for guests)
  - Common criteria: Additional 1,000 won discount will be given when they write reviews in Trip Advisor

2) Hanbok photoshoot at The Style studio
 - 20,000 won per head
 - 5,000 won discount for guest house guests
 - 5,000 won discount for those who write reviews

Included : 1 Hanbok + 10 photos / files will be given after the photo edition

3) Daegu trip with a photographer
- Trip counseling with a Daegu native photographer (meeting at 30 minutes advance, tourist spot guide, and decide on tour course)
- Tour with photographer as a guide (2 hours)
(30 pictorial photos at a place you like)
- You can take your own special profile picture at The Style studio (2 pictures)

- Fees (1 head) : 30,000 won (10,000 won discount for guest house guests)

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