Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The hot come back of 2014 Daegu CHIMAC (chicken and beer) Festival

‘Daegu CHIMAC Festival’ that won great popularity of domestic and international tourists last year has come back!

The festival is going to have greater scale than the last year’s.
This year, aside from the main stage, there will be sub concerts, street motor shows, and cultural art concerts.

With chicken and beer, it will be a great opportunity to enjoy the cool summer night!
Enjoy many cultural concerts and experience programs together with chicken and beer.

2014 Daegu CHIMAC Festival

○ When : 2014.7.17(Thurs)~20(Sun)
                2014.7.16(Wed), 18:00~22:30 – Festival eve
○ Where : Daegu Duryu Park (Main stage: Duryu baseball field)
○ Host : Korea Food Industry Development Incorporated Association 
○ Supervised by : CHIMAC Festival Organizing Committee
○ Sponsor : Daegu City Ministry of Agriculture
○ Entrance fee : Free (free admission for everyone)

○ Event schedule

▶ 7.16(Wed) 19:00 ~ 20:00
 - Festival Eve, CHIMAC Carnival, Cheer up South Korea (guest : No Brain), Festival Eve Party

▶7.17(Thurs) 20:00~ 22:30
- Daegu CHIMAC opening ceremony, sister city concert1, chicken memorial ceremony, opening ceremony concert & party (guests: Stella, MIB)

▶7.18(Fri) 20:00 ~ 21:00
- Sister city concert 2, People of Chimac audition, CHIMAC Relay Concert, Friday night party (guest : DJ-KOO, Orange Caramel)

▶7.19(Sat) 18:00
- Racing Model Selection Contest, Chimac Rock Festival, Saturday Party (guest : After School, Super Kid)

▶7.20(Sun) 20:00 ~ 21:00
CHIMAC to the World, 2014 Daegu Chimac Festival
- CHIMAC song Dance Contest, Final Concert, Adieu Chi Mc Party (guest : Jangmi Yeogwan)

[Audience participating program]
 - Chimac photo message / Chimac OX quiz/Chimac Guinness Chicken Fight Contest /Chimac Star Fan Sign Evet /Hot and Spicy Chicken Fast Eating Contest /People of Chimac Audition /Couple Dance Contest /Beer Fast Drinking Contest /Chicken Run/B-boy Battle/Chimac Song Dance Contest/Chicken&Beer Cosplay Parade /Trick Art Photo Zone

○ Unit event
- Outdoor music hall cultural art concert/motor show festival/chicken industry promotion history hall/promotion programs of booths/water fun experience site/citizen participating concert/business meeting

○ Free food and drink samples
 - After presenting an identification at the verification booth, free drink sample coupons will be given for beer samples
 - To provide different flavors of chicken, free chicken tasting will be overseen by the companies themselves.

○ Official homepage : http://www.chimc.or.kr/2014/

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