Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spicy and hot, the red temptatioin. Daegu’s 4 best tteokbokki(Korean spicy ricecake street food) restaurants

One of the best street food in Korea, tteokbokki!

Every Korean will remember eating tteokbokki in front of their elementary school when they were young. Taking a bite of chewy white rice cake with red chili sauce gives you the happiest feeling in the world.

Daegu has some restaurants famous for tteokbokki(Korean spicy ricecake street food).
Sincheon Market, Dalgo Tteokbokki, Goseong-dong Tteokbokki, Gyo-dong Market, and other famous places in each village. These are grateful places that give delights to our mouth with their unique features and strengths. 

Tteokbokki is a must try in Daegu! We picked 4 places famous for tteokbokki to introduce you~

1. Sincheon Market (spicy and less sweet, and fried fish cake and dumplings added)

Having fried fish cake and dumplings with tteokbokki is very common nowadays but this trend all started from Sincheon Market tteokbokki house. The most famous places are the originator Yun Ok-yeon Halme Tteokbokki, Hwangjae Tteokbokki, and Goongjeon Tteokbokki.

The main characteristic of Sincheon Market tteokbooki is the spiciness. It’s not the capsaicin spicy that is popular now, but it is a spiciness with pepper and curry scent. To balance the spiciness, drinking Cool Piece may become inevitable. 

2. Dalgo Tteokbokki (magical place where you can stuff yourself with Tteokbokki with 1,000 won)

Also known as Dalttoek, these are the tteokbokki places in Sinnaedang Market.
This maybe the most popular tteokbokki house in the location. With the affordable price is the taste that is closest to the tteokbokki in old times. 

Yetnal Daltteok and 80 Daltteok are the main ones and recently Youtteok joined the line to continue the fame of Dalgo Tteokbokki.

Yetnal Daltteok and 80 Daltteok uses flour to make tteokbokki but Youtteok uses rice to make tteokbokki. Because each restaurants have different tastes, people have their own favorite depending on their taste preference. Personally this is the most favorable place for me because it resembles the ideal tteokbokki house scenery in my head.

3. Gyodong Market (a place full of warm welcomes and kindness)

Not just tteokbokki, but they have flat dumplings, spicy fish cake, boiled conch, sundae Korean sausage), Bindaet-teok (mung bean pancake), ojingeo-jjijim (baked stuffed squid), and muchim-hoe (spicy raw fish salad). It is a place famous with so many specialties that we can’t even choose one. 

Snack bars on each side of the alley all have similar menu and tastes. Nothing so special but they are very tasty. 

Yangnyeom-oden (seasoned fish cake) is pretty famous but tteokbokki can’t be left out in this alley. Rice cake, fish cake, and even hard boiled cabbage… And also, dipping flat dumplings in the tteokbokki sauce soup is the real delicacy of this place.

4. Goseong-dong (the typical flavor of tteokbokki at a cheap price)

Tteokbokki of this place has advantage in the huge amount rather than a special taste. It may taste a little bland but it is just right and tastes good with soy sauce.
It is loved by those people who are sick of spicy, salty, and strong tasting tteokbokki.

Goseong-dong may be the best place to experience the typical taste of tteokbokki that were common in old days.

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