Monday, July 14, 2014

Recommendations for summer travel destinations of Daegu / 4 ways to enjoy hot summer nights.

We can’t get to sleep during hot summer days because of scorching heat, where would be summer travel destinations we can enjoy in Daegu? 

4 ways to enjoy romantic summer nights escaping from the burning heat of Daegu!

First is the night view of Apsan.

You can view the scenery of Daegu at a look like a panorama unfolded before your eyes in the observatory of Apsan. 
It is a romantic place where you can overlook the mountain edge the covers the city, Duryu-san and 83 Tower. 

○ Directions: Exit 2, Hyeonchung-ro Station of Daegu subway line 2  ride bus #300 at the front of Seodaemyeong rift valley / get off at Apsan Park. 
○ Surrounding attractions: Apsan Café Street / Anjirang Tripe Alley. 

Second is Daegu Shooting Range.

You can enjoy different types of gunnery at Daegu Shooting Range~
The Daegu Shooting Range has extended its operation hours for people to come and enjoy shooting at night. From 9:00am to 10pm! 4 hours are extended than usual. 
Let’s escape from the summer night heat and relieve stress by shooting water guns.

○ Public transportation and shuttle bus service: get a ride at the bus station in front of SK gas station across the Chilgok #2 Paldal Bridge. (Except from weekday operations) 

Third is the night view tour of Modern Alley. 

Meet beautiful night views of Daegu along the Modern Culture Alley during hot summer nights. 
The Modern Alley is the must-visit attraction among the attractions of Daegu for domestic and foreign tourists!
But, the night view tour opens only on every third week Fridays only.

○ Regular operation: Third week Friday (19:00 ~ 21:00)
○ Participants: Anyone who are interested.
○ Number of participants: Not limited (The schedule is subject to cancel if less than 15 participants with prior notice through text message sent 3 days before.)
○ Participation fee: Free
○ Gathering place: In front of Banwoldang (Samsung Life Insurance)

Fourth is the Daedeok Horse Riding Course

The Daedeok Horse Riding Couse located at Apsan, Dageu is extending its operation hours till night to blow away the tropical night heat of the summer! 
Starting July 19 till August 30, it operates from 9am to 9pm. 
Let’s beat the summer heat at the Daedeok Horse Riding Course!

○ Directions: 
- On foot from the subway: Wolchon Station → Daeseo Elementary School  300m left from the front of Youth Training Center  Daedeok Horse Riding Course
- Transfer from the subway: Wolchon Station  Hwaseong Park Dream Entrance Bus stop  Get off at Daeseo Elementary School  300m left from the front of Youth Training Center  Daedeok Horse Riding Course

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