Friday, July 18, 2014

Postscript to 1st day of 2014 Daegu CHIMAC Festival held at Duryu Park

2014 Daegu CHIMAC Festival has finally opened!
As the Daegu CHIMAC Festival taken place for a second time since last year, it was a festival with high expectation and attention of people.  

Starting with an eve festival on 16th, varied events like chicken-beer Friday party, racing model contest, chicken-beer rock festival, chicken-beer song & dance contest, etc. are to be held. 

I went to the site of Daegu CHIMAC Festival that excited us with more varied programs than 1st Chicken-Beer Festival. 

Although it was a weeknight, Duryu Park is already filled with long-waited people. 

On the placard wrote “Friend, let’s go have a chicken and beer!” 
Like this words, there were a lot of people who came with friends, family, and colleagues. 

This place is Duryu baseball field, a main event hall where main program of Chicken-Beer Festival is held at. 

Although we can eat chicken at the booth installed inside the Chicken-Beer Festival even hall, the chicken we eat sitting on a mat under the stand shadow is the best!  

You can purchase beer only after you get confirmed that you are over 20 at the adult confirmation center. Teenagers are not allowed to drink!

In preparation of safety accidents that might occur, the ambulance is on standby!
Policemen are going around the event hall frequently to prevent accidents. 

There are facilities like this at the front of the stage.
Oh, when I looked in to see what it is for….!

Oh?! Is it a temporary club?
Lightings are flashy! It seems that all clubbers will gather here once it gets dark!

Franchise chickens that represent Daegu are gathered in one place.
You can purchase chicken in a cheaper price than in the market! 

Full of different chickens~ Chickens dressed up with batter and sauce~

Barbeque chicken cannot be missed out! 

You can also taste various chicken dishes aside from what we commonly call ‘chicken’ at the Chicken-Beer Festival. 

The originator of street foods, there are chicken skewers and kebab!
Korean style, Indian style~ world’s chickens are all here!

People who visited the Chicken-Beer Festival together with colleagues and were talking this and that were found everywhere. 

When we go around the festival, there are free tastings like this so don’t miss them out and get them!

2014 Chicken-Beer Festival is filled with exciting events at every booth other that these! 

The performance is now at the peak on the main stage. 
Is this a Chicken Festival, or a rock festival? 

Chicken-Beer Festival where everyone enjoys together~

This is just an eve festival. 
Chicken-Beer Festival continues until Sunday this week, July 20!

Everyone~ let’s go to the Chicken Festival with me!

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