Monday, July 21, 2014

My Secret Place….Jacks Place! - written by Kim costa, Daegu tour supporter

For those new to Korea, those first few weeks in a new culture, a new country and a new environment can be challenging. You start to realize just how far away from home you actually are and how much you will miss the simple things in life that were so normal to you. 

What better way to escape this new daunting reality than finding your own secret place that reminds you just that little bit of home?

Enter: Jacks Place 

My first few weeks in Daegu were an exciting whirl of color, confusion and chaos but amongst it all I found my own secret little café to call home. 

Jacks Place is a quaint little café in Kyungpook National University North Gate area. In a place where street signs are not mandatory and straight roads unheard of, it’s relatively difficult to find but that’s what makes it so special. Walking into Jacks Place you are greeted by Western music playing softly in the background, and with a menu that boasts proper drip coffee and an array of different teas there is something to please everyone (and if solid food in more your speed, check out their muffin and brownie selection!).

Perhaps the most charming aspect of Jacks Place is that patrons can write little messages on the wall, which gives the café a homely, cheerful vibe. So if you’re feeling a little nostalgic for all things home or just want a quiet place to escape too, Jacks Place is for you. 

Directions: Turn right at the ‘Angel-in-Us’ café in North Gate, walk for a few meters before coming to a little stall that sells socks and shoes, make a right down the small alley beside it and Jacks Place will be a few steps away to your right.