Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In search of peculiar guesthouse of Daegu Part 2 – Gong-Gam with the beauty of Han-ok

Place with comfort-table and cozy bed!
Gong-Gam guesthouse is a kind guesthouse that helps settlement of immigrants and escapers of North Korea.
Han-Ok guesthouse Gong-Gam has opened the door newly and accommodates guests.
Story about Gong-Gam was heard in more detail through Manager YeongChul Heo.

Q. Introduce about guesthouse Gong-Gam
A. Gong-Gam is a place made for enterprise fund raising to help North Korean defectors’ settlement. Part of room charges is used for the North Korean defectors. In small meeting room of café, volunteers are pushing with education of computer, English etc. for students of North Korean defectors. Book café is an open are for any residents to hang out. It would be nice if many people visit and communicate with guests

Q. You have newly opened Han-Ok guesthouse recently, please tell about the reason to open and simple introduction
A. Han-Ok guesthouse is a place enough to add joy to trips of tourists who are looking for Daegu
Since it is located at the center of Geundae alley, Daegu, so it is the best place for people who are enjoying trip in Daegu.
From now on, this place will have active advertisements and marketing for domestic and foreign tourists to come travelling in Daegu

Q. Are there special program or events proceeding for locals and guests?
A. Firstly, in Gong-Gam café, we are opening Book café for all the local people. It is a place for everyone to visit freely and take a rest. We are also holding small Book concert using Book café and we are also hosting a day of movie for locals and guests.

Q. Please tell a word for guests and tourists who go to Gong-Gam
Gong-Gam is place made by gathered warm hearts of numerous people. Please use it a lot for a rest place for any local people to visit, enjoy a cup of tea, communicate with guests and chill

Han-Ok Gong-Gam is located at the center of Geundae Alley, Daegu
Outer view that strongly shows coziness of Han-Ok!

Rooms are consisted of separated building, main building and dormitory
Select according to number of people with your free choice since there are rooms for 3 and rooms for 6

※ Opening Commemoration

Room for 3 (separate building) whole room 90,000 Won→80,000 Won
Room for 3 (main building) whole room 90,000 Won→80,000 Won
Room for 6 (Dormitory) 27,000 Won → 25,000 Won per person
Inquiry: 070-8915-8991

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