Monday, July 28, 2014

Hot Summer! Let’s go to pool at center of Daegu!

Let us leave for summer vacation to pool at center of Daegu that will blow
away the heat~
Where are the 3 places of pool at center of Daegu which whole family can enjoy together?
Meet the cool scene of the pool through the video clip

Safe and cool pool where children surely and whole family can enjoy
swimming inside city!

Come travel to cool Daegu this summer. ^^
1. GeumHoGang Pool
 – SinAmDong, Donggu, DaeguGwangyeoksi
2.SinSeo Pool
 – SinSeodong, Donggu, DaegguGwangyeoksi
3. SooSUng Family Park
 – 88-46, Palhyeongil, Suseonggu, DaegguGwangyeoksi

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