Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun fun Daegu tour - written by Akinori Tsuji, Daegu tour supporter

I would like to introduce Daegu’s Nature tour you can enjoy. 

First spot is Suseong lake. There is a lake around mountain there. This one is so beautiful though this is a small lake you can walk around it in 40minutes. There is a fountain and there are a lot of water birds in the lake. You can be relaxed and soothed when you see ones. 

You can ride duck boat. This is the first time to ride duck boat for me. It was so interesting to me. It cost only 15000 won in 30 minutes. This duck boat is worth riding and you can try! 

Next spot is Dong-gu area. It is a little far from downtown. The Otgol village is a peaceful atmosphere. You can see difference Daegu. 

You can experience to take cherry and raspberry. You can put its pack during eating cherry and raspberry. Farmer tells to take a bit now. These tastes are sweet and sour. And after taking it, it is better to have a lunch there while you see Dong-gu’s nature.

Next spot is Herb Hillz. It should experience nature in your body after you enjoy seeing nature. Herbs Hillz is the ultimate spot you can experience nature. Then this spot is really cool though Daegu is the hottest in Korean. So you can play all day while it is hot day. I recommend eco adventure. This attraction is you feel as if you are Tazan.

At first you may feel fear and you enjoy this adventure as you get used to it. This adventure is thrill and you want to do it again. Of course not only eco adventure but also there are many good place in Herbs Hillz. You must go and see.!!

After physical activity, you are sure to be hungry. I want to recommend next spot is Angiranggobchang. You can eat real yakiniku. 

Those prices are reasonable and delicious. Yakiniku is an exceptionally good taste during drinking beer. You are going to love real taste. In addition to, you can help yourself to side menu except for main menu and if you order two bowls of rice, it comes with a denjang jjige. It is common in Korea. 

Final spot is to eat pappinsu after going back downtown. Pappinsu is Korean dessert. There are beans fruits, and ice cream on breaked ice. Then there are a variety of pappinsu and many shops that sell it. Incidentally my favorite one is cheese cake and ice cream one. This is superb. You try it! 

I would like to introduce recommended coffee shop Gottaban.
This coffee shop is near KNU. I often go to study something and want to talk with coffee shop owner. Drink cost is reasonable from 15000won. And this shop close at 2 am weekday.

So you enjoy drinking all night. Everything drinks and food is delicious. This coffee shop has a varied menu. You can stay in this coffee shop with relaxing atmosphere since coffee shop owner choose good BGM. Drinks and foods are not only nice but also coffee shop owner is nice. He talks to customer anytime and funny. I always get energy too much. So I recommend this coffee shop Gottaban.

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