Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daegu train tour chapter 5 - Ayanggyo Station to Yonggye Station

Today, as a chapter 5 of Daegu train tour let me introduce to you tourist attractions between Ayanggyo Station and Yonggye Station

Ayanggyo station is a place near Geumho River.
When you take Ayanggyo station exit number 4, you will be able to see wide Geumho River and Ayang railroad after walking about 11 minutes.

Ayang railroad which opened in the year 2013 is now a popular tourist attraction where countless tourists visit.
Ayang railroad is maintaining the look of abandoned railroad.

In side it, there are amenities like café, meditation room, and digital bridge museum.

Dongchon station which isn’t that far from Ayanggyo station is popular among cyclers.
There is a separate cycle parking lot.


Dongchon amusement park where there are lively trees and grass is a perfect place for cycling.

Other than these, there are other spectacles such as Mangudang Park.

The next place we are going to visit is Onggi-Jongi happy village.
This place constructed as colorful mural village isn’t that wide but it is a good enough to enjoy small little fun.

The whole of village is full of colorful murals here and there.
If you want to visit Onggi-Jongi happy village take Dongchon station exit number 12, then walk for 15minutes toward The Second Ipseokgyo.

The beauty of traveling! It’s the food market to fill our hungry stomach. As our last course let’s go to Bangchon market.

Feel the warm heart of Daegu at Bangchon market where you can feel generosity of merchants.
You can visit tourist attractions here and there only by train.
You must know it is only possible because you are at Daegu.

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