Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daegu Tour / Forget steaming heat while watching a movie

Blow away the heat of summer while watching movie in a city.

Daegu modern history hall opens '2014 Summer Vacation Film Festival' in culture discussion room located at second floor from July 29 to August 8. This vacation film festival is for free without entrance fee.
During this period, except closure on Monday, August 4, movies will be shown twice a day for 2 hours respectively at 10 am in the morning and 2 pm in the afternoon in culture discussion room.

Entrance cannot be booked but it is by order or arrival. You must enter 10 minutes before showing if you want to watch!

△ In total, 20 films will be shown (10 animations and 10 masterpiece films)

△ July 29 Pororo Movie theatrical version (morning): Super snow board adventure, Casablanca(afternoon)

△ July 30 Ratatouille(morning), Doctor Zhivago(afternoon)

△ July 31 E.T (morning), Les Miserable (afternoon)

△ August 1 Night of storm (morning), Giant (Afternoon)

△ August 2 Where the Wild Things Are(morning), Broadway 42nd street (afternoon)

△ August 3 Spotted(morning), Roman Holiday(afternoon)

△ August 5, Ice Age 4 (morning), Sound of Music (afternoon)

△ August 6 Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox (Morning), Red Cliff (afternoon)

△ August 7 Ponyo On The Cliff(morning), For Whom the Bell Tolls (afternoon)

△ August 8 Magic Hanja (morning), The Shawshank Redemption (afternoon)

Daegu Modern History Hall : Daegu Junggu Pojungdong 33
Inquiry : 053-606-6430

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