Friday, August 1, 2014

Daegu Dong-gu Ansim Marshy Land_ Daegu trip to lotus complex

Heat wave continues through July!
Go on a trip to beautiful lotus complex in Daegu to forget about all the heat~
The lotus complex located in Ansim Marshy Land of Daegu is also very popular as a photo-shoot spot.

This place with fully bloomed lotus flowers is located near Daegu’s Banyawol Ansim Marshy Land, the greatest lotus root producer in South Korea.

Lotus complex fits perfectly with the blue sky!

Right now! This place is filled with white lotus and big lotus leaves!
Lotus blooms until the end of August, so if you want to enjoy beautiful lotus?

If you want to leave scenes of beautiful nature in a photo?
Come over to lotus complex in Dong-gu Ansim Marshy Land of Daegu!!


Anonymous said...

How can you get here? It Looks lovely!

visitdaegu2011 said...

Daegu, Dong gu, Daerim dong
You can check this area.