Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August festivals in Daegu / the heated summer events of Daegu

August is the final stage of the summer!
The summer of Daegu is still burning hot.
Cool festivals such as International Body Painting Festival, Aqua Village, and Water Gun Festival are waiting!

2014 Daegu International Body Painting Festival

The fantastic festival by the top body painting artists of the world!
Enjoy the celebration performances of popular singers, splendid fireworks, and events such as dancing and magic.
Colorful city Daegu gets into the banquet of fancy colors!

- When : August 30th 2014~August 31st
- Where : Duryu Kolon Outdoor Music Hall
- Entrance fee : Free
- Program : Experience body painting / nail-art, henna experience
- Unit event : Invited artists, magic, and stage performances (August 30th~August 31st) / Fireworks (August 31st 21:30)
- Inquiries :

E World Aqua Village

E World Aqua Village will cool the hot summer down!
Fun water play continues to August from July.

- When : July 12th 2014 ~ August 31st
- Where : Left sled field of E World Central Square
- Program : Water play swimming pool / water gun fight / DJ concert
- Unit facility : Rest area, changing room, shower room, dining facility
- Inquiries : 053-620-0001

Daegu Water Gun Festival

August 10th, Water Gun Festival that welcomes everyone will be held in Bukseong-ro!
- When : August 10th, 2014
- Where : Bukseong-ro, Gonggu Alley
- Entrance fee : Free
- Things to bring : Water gun (also sold near the event venue)
- Inquiries 010-7757-6116

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