Saturday, July 5, 2014

A luxurious marsh where green nature of Daegu breathes!

We are going to introduce to you the pride of Daegu, the representative marsh of Dong-gu, the ‘Ansim Marsh.’
It is a perfect place to escape from the heat and enjoy picnic while enjoying green nature!

The Ansim Marsh is a habitat of various organisms located in the midstream of Geumhogang water system.
The rare animals like a whooper swan, short-eared owl, white-tailed sea eagle, hedgehog, raccoon, and otter, and around 200 kinds of plants including the Canada parrot feather and frogbit inhabit here.
Also, the frogbit and willow tree habitat, culture and eco trail and eco experience center are expected to be constructed to transform into a beautiful ecology this year.
The Ansim Marsh perfect for natural eco experience center of the children!

Meet beautiful scenery of Daegu that breathes together with the nature. ^^

Ansim Marsh: Ansim-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu (located 1km heading to Geumhogang along the Ansim garage from subway line 1)

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