Monday, June 30, 2014

Where are the chicken restaurants in Daegu?

One of the dishes easily accessible is a chicken.
When it comes to chicken dishes, the chicken a favorite snack of Korean is a first dish that comes into our mind but the Jjim Dak (Braised Chicken) is also a famous chicken dish loved by people.
We are going to introduce some famous Jjim Dak restaurants in Daegu.

Recommendation 1. Hyo-Myeong Chicken

Although the appearance of the restaurant is just a typical chicken restaurant, the taste is really great. You can taste a delicious flavor of sauces that it not spicy, sweet or salty.
○ Address: 3 Gosan 1-gil Namgu, Daegu
○ Contacts: 053)471-3037

Recommendation 2. Ddo Is Chicken and Jjim Dak

This is a place located near the Keimyung University Daemyeong campus that captivated the taste buds of gourmets with Jjim Dak.
Just as the reputation of the store, Jjim Dak manias all over Daegu are visiting.
You can taste the typical taste of Jjim Dak that’s a bit spicy because ts season made using pepper powders.
○ Address: 100 Yangjibuk-gil, Namgu, Daegu

○ Contacts: 053)626-1584​

Recommendation 3. New York Chicken

The New York Chicken located at Yakjeon alley is a chicken restaurant with tradition that kept its place for a long period of time.
The delicious seasoning that is a bit spice and sweet is the special feature of the restaurant.
○ Address : 12 Jongno, Junggu, Daegu.

○ Contacts: 053)253-0070​

Recommendations 4. DDak Jjik at night

When can taste you have aside from the inside the day guy. The prevention of a person we groupded Mountains Instead Of prevent nights. Have a good taste of chicken with balanced
○ Address: Ayangro-gil, Dongu, Daegu

○ Contacts: 053)951-9494​

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