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Top 4 Amusement Parks in Daegu / Full of exciting rides! Let’s go to representative amusements parks of Daegu! – Daegu E-World, Suseong Land, Herb Hills, Dongchon Recreation Area

Amusement parks of Daegu that are top popularities as a picnic place for students from Daegu and Gyeongsangnam-do, and as a date place for lovers! There are as many as 4 amusement parks in Daegu. These are, E-World/Suseong Land/Herb Hills/DongchonRecreasion Area.

You can enjoy outing according to your preference since each of them is unique!
Now, I will tell you about the amusement parks of Daegu one by one.

1) Daegu E-World

If there is Namsan Tower in Seoul, there is 83 Tower in Daegu.
E-Land, considered as the representative amusement park of Daegu is very popular for having 83 Tower. You can experience various rides and even animal farm in E-Land which boosts its largest size in Daegu. Moreover, at 83 Tower, you can also experience the ice rink, café and restaurants aside from the observatory platform, the fantastic space above the sky.

Land Service Hours :9:30~20:30(Weekdays), 9:30~22:00(Weekends)
- Take note that the service hour may change or close early in times of rain 
  or strong wind.

   1). Entrance Plaza : Skyway
   2). Central Square : Ghost House, Flume Ride, Anderson House
   3). Western Square : Viking, Tambourine, Sky Chariot, Hurricane, Sky Cycle
   4). Kids Square : Carousel, Ninja Turtles, Dancing Plane, Mini Viking, Balloon Ride, Bumper Car and etc.
   5). Young Town Square : Camel Back, Top Spin, Himalaya
   6). Grass Square : Grass Sled, Snow Sled
   7). Animal Farm

For Inquiries : 053-620-0001
Address : San 302-11 Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

2) Arte Suseong Lange

‘Arte Suseong Land’, the amusement park located at Suseong-gu, Daegu
All rides in the amusement and the ice rink are open throughout the year for four seasons!
To give you a tip to use, if you download a discount coupon from the website you can get a discount on rental fee for skates.
Come to the Daegu Suseong Land, which is the part of our cultural resting area with the exciting amusement and the various experiences.

○ Programs
1). Arte Class : Animal Farm/Pottery/Carpentry/Herbs/Children’s Story/Needlework
2). FunFunLand :Rides/4D Zone/Sweetie Garden/Theme Photo Zone/Season Play/
     Peter Pan Adventure
3). Ice Rink
4). Sweet Sweet Starlight Garden

For inquiries : 053-762-6622~3
Address : 35-5 Yonghak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

3) Herb Hills

Daegu Herb Hills is rising as an eco-theme park!
At Herb Hills where you can heal yourself with the scent of herbs, there are a lot of different experiences and programs whole family can enjoy together. You can experience variedly from mini animal farm to folk museum, so let’s travel to Herb Hills quickly.

Service Hours : 9:30~19:00(weekdays).. 9:30~20:00(weekends/holidays)
   (Please be reminded that all schedules may change depending on the climate and 

1). Viewing Course : Landscape Facilities /Animal Viewing/Therapeutic walk in the 
     forest/Agriculture Folk Museum
2). Play, Experience Course :
 - Amusement Facilities : Eco-Adventure/Rides/Snow Sled/Water plays
 - Experience Class : Green Scent/Herbs Arts/Roll Painting/Clay Arts/Cooking
3). Herbs Food and Drink Facilities
4). Herbs Shopping Facilities

For Inquiries : 053-767-6300
Address : 1005 Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

4) Dongchon Recreation Area

Dongchon Recreation Area is a recreation area located near Geumhogang River and many residents enjoy visiting.

There are various excitements from Sunrise Bridge to different sports facilities, indoor roller-skating rink, cyclodrome and etc. that double the fun!
What is most attractive is that you can visit anytime!
Let’s go to Dongchon Recreation Area where you can have a walk while getting some strong winds.

For inquiries : 053-662-2621

Address : 234-`5 Hyomok-dong Dong-gu, Daegu

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