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The delicacy of Daegu, Rice Soup Restaurants recommended by Jjangddol Dad! / Ajuteukbyeonhan Haejang-guk, Bubu Sikdang, Seongseo Ddaro,Sigol Dweji Gukbap

Gukbap (rice soup), perfect for the last drinking party at late hour, and best to fill hungry stomach at the night snack time! It feels good to have a bowl of rice soup when you want some hot soup and rice. Today, I will introduce to you a restaurant known for rice soup, the food item that can fully fill the hungry stomach! I will introduce rice soup restaurant that would make you think, “It would be good to have one near the house, school, or office.”

1. Ajuteukbyeonhan Haejang-guk

As a hangover soup restaurant located at Jisan-dong, Daegu, it is the restaurant take in charge of hangovers of Daegu residents for more than 10 years. The popular dish is Yangseonji Haejang-guk (Clotted blood of lambhangover soup) that has enough amounts of outer leaves and blood. You can feel the different harmony takes since it is hot at first and sweet and sour at the end. As a hangover specialty restaurant, you can also taste snacks for alcohols like Yukhoe (Korean-style raw beef) aside from various types of hangover soups. Come to Ajuteukbyeonhan Haejang-gukalso called as A.teuk.hae that even has regular customers who visits regularly. 

Address : 1182-12 Jisan-dong Suseong-gu, Daegu
Telephone: 053-783-5680

2. Bubu Sikdang

When you go to Banyawol Market, you can find a restaurant with 26 years of tradition. It is a Bubu Sikdang which kept its place for a long time. The bestsellers of Bubu Sikdang are Chueotang (Loach soup) and Seonjitguk (Ox Blood Soup). There are many dining customers in the afternoon while at night there are many customers who come to have a drink with a stir-fry dish. Approaching comfortably like the atmosphere of restaurant full of customers is the merit of the Bubu Sikdang.
When you have a spoonful of rice put into a delicious Ox blood soup, your stomach is filled and the hangover disappears before you know it. 

Address : 265-16 Singi-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu
Telephone : 053-964-3117

3. Seongseo Ddaro

There is a ‘ddaro’ rice soup as a representative food of Daegu, right?
The feature of the Seongseo Ddaro’s rice soup is that it has less oil unlike other restaurants. It is perfect for those who enjoy neat and refreshing taste rather than deep, delicate taste.
There are times when the greasiness unique to beef soup is burdening but it feels assured that we can enjoy comfortably all times in Seongseo Ddaro.

Address : 1000-240 Igok-dong Dalseo-gu, Daegu
Telephone : 053-581-1052

4. Sigol Dweji Gukbap

There is no other menu as good as Dweji Gukbap(pork rice soup)that fills the stomach, and as a snack for drinking. Although there are a quite number of pork rice soup restaurants in Daegu, the Sigol Dweji Gukbap at Bisan-dong gets abreast of other restaurants. Ordinary pork rice soup is good, too but the bestseller of this house is the Pork Cheek Meat Suyuk (Pork slices). The area hard to find in slices is the pork cheek meat but its tender texture is excellent.

Sigol Dweji Gukbap at Bisan-dong where you can find pork rice soup of deep, delicate taste, delicious soups and unique pork cheek meat slices!
It even opens for 24 hours. It indeed is a place you have to go. 

Address : 324-1 Beonji, Bisan 4-dong, Seogu, Daegu 
Telephone : 053-573-9898

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