Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recommended bar/restaurant: Traveler's Bar & Grill - written by John George, Daegu tour supporter

 As a sports fan in Daegu, it is sometimes difficult to find a good place to watch live sport with other sports fans and enthusiasts. Traveler's bar & grill is a great place that can satisfy any sports fan's needs: it provides good TVs for live sports, great food, and real ale beer & cider. It is located on the 4th floor of a building right near the end of cellphone street in BanWorlDang, close to the town center of Daegu (see enclosed map for more details).

Even if the TV does not have your sports program showing, it is possible to stream a sporting event from an authorized live sports website where the friendly staff will assist you in setting it up and watching it through a projector. Of course you would need to ask them if it would be possible to show the event that you wish to see first, but if you let them know in advance, they will always do their best to show it for you.

They have a separate pool table area, and a really western-style menu with fried breakfasts, delicious burger sets, and other western-style fast-food favorites. .

In addition, summers in Daegu can be particularly hot and so, a guest here can try a cool, refreshing apple cider that can quench their first; they also have real-ales on tap too, as another alternative to mainstream lager-beers

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