Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recommendations for weekend outings of June / Come to Dongchon Sunrise Park at Daegu to see cosmos and golden coreopsis! – Ayanggyo Station

Do you feel bad about spring that’s about to over?

For those who feel anxious and troubled since even the flowers seems to wither due to the hot weather of Daegu! At Sunrise Park located at Dong-gu, Daegu is filled with yellow ‘golden coreopsis’ which is called as summer Cosmos. Let’s take a look together.

Does everyone know the Sunrise Park at Dong-gu, Daegu?
For those who are not familiar with the place, it would be easier to find golden coreopsis flower garden if you search Daegu Dongbu Technical High School, Hyodong Elementary School. You can find the golden coreopsis flower garden when you go up at the back of the school. You have to climb the hill if you are to use the Ayanggyo entrance of the Sunrise Park. 

This is where the golden coreopsis flowers are in full bloom! The flowers bloomed all over the large field are the golden coreopsis! At here where flowers are in full bloom along the street the fragrant flower stimulates the nose whenever wind blows.

The golden coreopsis is a flower of unfamiliar name. It is a wild plant under chrysanthemum family; it is a flower that represents summer that blooms from June to September.

The flowers are bloomed along the walk of the Sunrise Park. Whoever enjoys a walk will view the flowers.

The Sunrise Park boosts its beautiful scenery together with Geumhogang River which can be seen at under the hill. It is a place many people visits as a good place to walk along the well prepared walkways and a place with beautiful scenery. 

How about enjoying weekend outing at the Sunrise Park that makes all creations to stop from walking? Come to Daegu Sunrise Park filled with beauty and composure to have a walk.

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