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Recommendations for travel course of Daegu / Introducing Daegu’s representative tourist routes – Time travelling in Daegu

The downtown of Daegu has a characteristic of historical mosaic where the history of Korea is unfolded according to the chronicles.

Periodical characteristics are reflected with Seomun Market and Yangnyeong-si for Joseon Dynasty, Dongseong-ro and Modern Alley for modern times, Kim, Kwang-Seok Street and Bangcheon Market for 70s and 80s and E-world, 83 Tower, and Yeongdodawum for modern resources.

So, we have prepared a unique theme travelling course as a “time travelling in Daegu”where travelers can enjoy a time travel within the downtown of Daegu.

○ Time travelling in Daegu

# 1 Kim, Gwang-Seok Street / Bangcheon Market

Kim, Gwang-Seok Street is a theme street constructed at the town where a singer Kim, Gwang-Seok was born. 
Along the alley where the songs of Kim, Gwang-Seok are flowing all around, there are murals of his old figures and lyrics of his songs on the walls. 

You can catch sights of lovers having a date along this romantic street. Also, the Bang Cheon Market which is located near to the alley has been reborn as an unusual space as the cultural artists gathered and drew colorful murals to the run-down traditional market.

The famous restaurants are standing in a line that it makes it remembered as a hot place of Daegu citizens.

Public Transportation : Kyunghee University Hospital Station of Subway line #2
Entrance : Free
Address : Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

#2 Velvet Gallery Yeongdodawum

The Velvet Gallery Yeongdodawum is a world’s first velvet cultural exhibition hall representing Daegu, the city of fibers.

With the floors from basement 1 to 3rd floor, velvet experience center, exhibition center, learning center, and gallery are equipped. Also, various velvet products such as sleeping gears, bags, and fashion clothes made of velvet materials are on sale as well.

Enjoy seeing velvet products and enjoy a cup of coffee with a beautiful garden as a background.

Public Transportation : Kyunghee University Hospital Station of Subway line #2
Entrance : Free
Address : 39, Gongpyeong-ro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

#3 Dongseong-ro

A place that cannot be left out when it comes to Daegu! It is Dongseong-ro.
Dongseong-ro is the eastern road of 4 intersectional road created as the Daegu Eupseong (Town Wall) is demolished in 1907. 

The Dongseong-ro left by vivid modern history has been transformed as a Daegu’s best downtown and the street of youth of today. Also, the theme alleys like Gyo-dyong jewelry streets, Yasi alley, and coffee alley are constructed at various alleys making it worthy of a Street of Youth.

Public Transportation : Jungang-ro Station, Daegu Station of Subway line #1
Address : 39, Gongpyeong-ro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

#4 Yangnyeong-si

Yangnyeong-si, our country’s best medicine market and wholesale market that decides on the prices of medicine herbs.

Yangnyeong-si falls under the Namseong-ro which is the southern road of Daegu Eupseong. As we enter the alley, the smell of medicine herbs delicately fills the street.
Being a traditional alley descended since late Joseon, the dealers of medicines from other countries as well as domestic and international tourists are flocking.

When you visit Yangnyeong-si, enjoy the experience and exhibition of various oriental medicines from the Herb Medicine Museum where you can learn everything about Yangnyeong-si.

Public Transportation : Banwoldang Station of Subway line #1 and #2
Address : 51-1, Namseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

#5 Modern Alley

The Modern Alley that started with the preservation project of the House of Yi Sang-Hwa which is the folk city! Selected as the Star of Korean Tourism and rising as a Daegu’s representative tourist attraction, the Modern Alley is a place where you can feel the old history of Daegu as it is. 

Enjoy the old atmosphere following the routes of the Modern Alley and enjoy the tour to modern history! You can meet a wonderful route from Gyesan Catholic Church, March First Independence Movement Stairs, to Cheongna Hills. Moreover, there are various exhibit halls all over the routes that make it perfect for studying history of Daegu.

Public Transportation : Banwoldang Station of Subway line #1 and #2

#6 Namsan-dong Catholic Town 

Namsan-dong Catholic Town is a catholic region filled with European style architecture of medieval times, and stories of noble sacrifices left by the French missionaries like Holy Mother’s Shrine and Saint Justinus Seminary. Especially, the Holy Mother’s Shrine reproduces exactly the Lourdes Shrine of France that it gives you a feeling as if you are in Europe.

This place which is a small France in Daegu is a good place to walk and pray quietly.

Public Transportation : Banwoldang Station of Subway line #1 and #2
Address : 112, Namseong-ro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

#7 Seomun Market

Seomun Market is the 3rd market of Joseon Dynasty and it is the largest traditional market of Yeongnam area that is filled with various attractions, items, and foods. Seomun Market is composed into 8 districts, district 1, district 2, district 3, district 4, Dongsan shopping center, Dried seafood shopping center, Ajin shopping center, and Luxury goods plaza that makes it a place filled with ample foods and items.

The largest convenient facilities of Daegu are also prepared that you can enjoy shopping more conveniently and you can purchase agricultural products in cheaper price.

Public Transportation : Seomun Market Station of Subway line #2
Address : 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City

#8 E-world/83Tower

The amusement park of Daegu~ E-World!
E-world, the largest theme park of Yeongnam area that boosts thrilling and unusual rides and 83 Tower, the noted place of Daegu that had been newly renovated last year!

It is a place attractive throughout four seasons where you can enjoy the discount on free-for-all-rides ticket together with twinkling festival of lights. It is good to be with the lover and it is also good to be with friends. Don’t miss out the E-world and 83 Tower where you can enjoy different excitements!

Public Transportation : Duryu Station of Subway line #2
Address : 112, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City 200

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