Friday, June 13, 2014

Recommendation for Family Camping at Daegu / What is the attraction where you can observe constellation in Daegu? Free Family Astronomical Camp at Daegu National Science Museum

Where can we observe the constellation in Daegu?

The National Science Museum, the first National Science Museum opened in Yeongnam area at the end of last year!

Free family astronomical camp is offered at Daegu National Science Museum this summer!
Since it is a science camp, do we only send our children?
This is a change to make a good memory of midsummer night by watching the twinkling star on the night sky with mom and dad!

There are plenty programs from amusing constellation story, how to operate a telescope, astronomical observation, to gold bug experience! Furthermore, all expenses including meals are free at the family camp to be held at Daegu National Science Museum!

The family camping searching for a constellation will be held on this coming June 20 to 21 for overnight!
To all families who would like to participate, please focus on this!

○ Event NameFamily Camp searching for a constellation
○ Date : 2014.6.20~21(Friday,Saturday)
○ Campsite : Cheonjiyin School at the Daegu National Science Museum
○ Participants : Family with a child of at least grade 1 who are selected from astronomy 
                         essay contest.
○ Entry fee : free (1 family with 4 members)
○ Content : Constellation Observation/ Constellation story / Practical operation of the 
                   telescope / Astronomy essay presentation / Family gold bug contest and 

 ※  Essay Contest Schedule

- EntryPeriod : 2014.6.1(Sunday)~2014.6.16(Monday)
- Qualification : Family of elementary and secondary student who have interests 
                       in celestial bodies
- EntryMethod : Downloadthe "Application" form, then submit the e-mail to the 
- Award : Free invitation to the "Family CampSearching for the Constellation"
              (10 families)
-> The result will be announced on June 18 at the homepage and individual 
    announcement will be sent to each winning family.

- For inquiries : Daegu National Science Museum education laboratory (053-670-6205)
- For more detailed camp schedule and information 
  : Daegu National Science Museum Homepage (

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