Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing accommodations and Korean traditional experiences you can enjoy in Daegu!

I will introduce to you the accommodation experience and traditional experience programs you can enjoy in Daegu.

Experience programs at Old Guan Seowon (Confucian memorial hall) ,ByeongamSeowon, and General Sin, Sung-Gyeom Historical Site, let’s begin now!

<1> Old Guam Seowon

- Accommodating experience

You can accommodate by individual or group at Old Guam Seowon!
The rooms you can lodge at Old Guam Seowon are Sugang-dang/Chinmok
Please take note that each room has different number of people accommodated, room size and price.
Moreover, there also are programs you can experience without charge.

 - Traditional experience

1). Group Traditional Culture Experience        
    - Accommodates a group of at least 20 people and the participation fee (11,000won) 
      will be added!
    - Introduction to Old House/Wearing of Hanbok/Etiquette Lessons/ Tea 
      Ceremony/Tteongmechigi(rice cake mallet hammering)or arrow shooting/Yunnori
      (The four stick game)/Tuho(throws sticks into the barrel)/Neolttwigi (Korean jumping 
       game similar to see-sawing) and more
    - Reservations : 053-428-9900
2). Individual Traditional Culture Experience
     -Participation fee : 5,500won 

<2> Byeongam Seowon

  - Accommodating Experience
The rooms where you can accommodate at ByeongamSeowon are Dongpyeon-bang/Seopyeon-bang/Dongjae/Seojae/Seodang
The number of people accommodated, room size, and the price are different according to the rooms.
Take note that the accommodation is open for groups of at least 20 people and not for individuals.

-Traditional Culture experience

1) Group Traditional Culture Experience
     -The application period and operating date and time are constant and only telephone reservation is accepted.
     - Participation fee : 11,000won

<3> General Sin, Sung-Gyeom Historical Site

‘General Sin, Sung-Gyeom Historical Site’ is selected as a business supporting traditional Korean-style house experience and accommodation facilities of 2014.

Various traditional culture experience programs are expected to be operated as it is a place registered as a No.1 memorial of Daegu Metropolitan City.

Traditional Culture Experience at General Sin, Sung-Gyeom Historical Site.

○ Location : 17 Sinsunggyeom-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu (526 Jimyo-dong)
○ Experience Program : Old House Accommodation, Traditional Experience Program (Tea Ceremony, Traditional Marriage, Arrow Shooting, Etiquette Learning, and etc.)
○ For inquiries : 053-428-9900 Daegu Traditional Culture Center 053


Anonymous said...

Last week, our manager told us to look for a relaxing group accommodation because I don't have any ideas I asked my friends to help me. One of them, send me your blog and I found this is the venue we are looking for. Tomorrow, I will show this information to my manager and asked his opinion.

visitdaegu2011 said...

Thanks, .........but all we can do is to introduce these information.