Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daegu Tourism that spreads out to the world receives ‘Best Public Relations Award’ at Korea World Travel Fair

Everyone, congratulate us! Daegu Metropolitan City received the ‘Best Public Relations Award’ at the 29th Korea World Travel Fair! 

Consequently, Daegu have received the honor to be widely known as a tourist city to the metropolitan areasat the nation’s biggest exhibition.

Total of 59 countries including Korea – 19 from Asia, 13 from Europe, 7 from America, and 12 from Africa – had participated the ‘Korea World Trade Fair’ which was held on May 29 to June 1 at Coex in Samsung-dong, Seoul.

The scale was very big that approximately 4,800 native and foreign spectators participated for four days. Daegu Metropolitan City prepared the public information of Daegu Tour with ‘Daegu’s delicious, wonderful, and interesting’ as its main graphics and we have introduced peculiar charms, tastes, and attractions of Daegu together with the modern alleys, the star of Korea Tourism. 

Moreover, we also have widely publicized the 2015 7th World Water Forum which is to be held next year at Daegu.

Public Relation Programs

1. ‘Herbal medicine experience’. ‘free beverage tasting’ of Yangnyeong-si
2. ‘Promotional video showing’, ‘Souvenir provision’ of cable car at Palgong-san 
3. Kim, Gwang-Seok photozone
4. Quiz onDaegu tourist sites : Experience of putting herbal medicines in a scent bag.

Furthermore, the programs which spectators who visited our exhibition can personally participate were held as well.

We gave souvenirs to those who took a picture at Kim, Gwang-Seok photo zone where the sculpture at the entrance of has been transferred as it is, and uploaded the picture at SNS! Many people have uploaded personally taken picture on the Daegu Tourism Facebook.

△ Daegu Tourism Facebook
People endlessly visited public information of Daegu Metropolitan City throughout the exhibition period. Is it that people’s interest in Daegu, the tourist city, is increasing?

e feel glad that many people have recognized the differentiated attractions of Daegu and acknowledged as a tourist city through this exhibition.

Since we have received ‘Best Public Relation Award’, we feel that we should work hard to make Daegu shine more as a tourist attraction.

Tourist city Daegu! Don’t hesitate anymore and come to Daegu~~~! 


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