Friday, June 27, 2014

Buk-gu Rock Spirit since 1999, 'Gypsy Rock' - written by Kristi Viires, Daegu tour supporter

Ever wondered where you could find like-minded people in Daegu and enjoy good selection of music the same time? If you like to listen to the classics of rock and metal music, enjoy jazz or any western instrumental music created in this century – then there is just a perfect place for you!

Gypsy Rock – 짚시락 is a “rock bar” with long history, located in Buk-gu area, just at the North Gate of Kyungpook National University in Daegu. Operating since 1999, the bar currently hosts its 5th owner – Cho WooChon 조우전.

How to?
Finding your way to KNU’s North Gate is the easy part. The second step is to locate the underground beauty.
If you are across the road of the North Gate of KNU, facing the gate – turn to right and walk down the road until you see flower shop (향기가득) at the corner (on your right hand). Turn to right and you’ll see a road that splits into two. Take the first of the V road on the left and walk until you see a GYPSY ROCK sign on your right. It takes about 1-2 minutes from the gate to there.

Gypsy Rock is operating 7 days a week, but closed for inventory 1st Sunday of every month.
Weekday – 6:30PM ~ 02:00AM (varies)
Weekend – 6:30PM ~ 4:00AM (varies)

Why? Why not!
The pub is one unique place in Daegu and one of my favourites, too. It carries the spirit of many for more than 10 years, their emotions and feelings graved into the walls of the bar. Whenever you visit you’ll be greeted by a very friendly owner and the regular customers. Many of its old customers in their 30’s and 40’s keep coming back to this place due the friendly atmosphere and they are very welcoming towards foreigners and newcomers.

Not only!
Gypsy Rock is favourable place for locals and foreigners (students, professors, travellers) alike who enjoy going there on the weekends. If you have time during the week, it’s a good place to go to listen and watch one of your favourite music videos. From Monday till Thursday you can request your own favourite songs.
Tip: Be prepared with a list of songs to request when you go there.

There’s a long list of choices for beer, foreign and local ones. Long list for delicious cocktails, too. And draft beer is quite cheap!

It is possible to smoke there, like in many of other places in South Korea. But as a non-smoker I find it OK to be there. The ventilation is good and not so many smokers around.

By the way…
The place is haunted!

…just kidding. Visit it one day, you will not regret.


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