Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6.25 Korean War 64th anniversary / Daegu Apsan Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall

June 25 of every year is a memorial day of 6.25 Korean War which contains a heartbreaking history of Republic of Korea.
This is a day when a war broke out by invasion of North Korea on June 25, 1950.

There is Nakdonggang Victory Memorial Hall in Daegu, in order to praise the spirit of patriots who sacrificed their lives for protection of country.
This place, being located in front of Apsan, is a place which is often used as historical education venue for children.

At outdoor display hall, warplanes and tanks which were used at that period and armored car once used by Korean army.

You can access to background of Korean War, photos about scene and weapons of that period, and sculpture with detailed explanation at first floor display hall.

Moreover, you can witness a figure of student soldier who left his school, with gun in his hand instead of book to save his country even without assigned military rank and number.

At second floor display hall, several military equipment and weapons once used by Korean army and UN army are on exhibit.

Heroes who saved their country at risk of their life. Let us admire their soul as facing 64th anniversary of 6.25 Korean War.

Address: 456, Apsan Circuit, Namgu, Daegu Metropolitan
Inquiry: 053-621-9880~1
Admission Period : 10 am ~ 5 pm (Open everyday/ Close when raining)
Admission Fee : Free

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