Friday, May 30, 2014

Visit to famous restaurants in Daegu / Went to Dakttongjip alley in Pyeonghwa Market! / Famous specialty restaurant of Daegu, a meeting place, recommendation of late-night meal of Daegu

Everyone know this alley in Daegu!

We went to the Dakttongjip (Fried Chicken Gizzards Recipe) alley in Pyeonghwa Market which is one of the famous alleys in Daegu.

Dakttongjip, one of the addicted foods sought all over the nation! Shall we go and taste it now?

There are street guide map installed in Daegu Pyeonghwa Market.
Once you have arrived Dakddongjib alley, the names of stores are marked on the map for you to easily find the places you wish to go. Just refer to it as you walk around the market. 

The ‘Original Dakddongjip alley’ sign is welcoming us. Most of stores here sell Dakbbongjib!

Most Dakddongjib stores sell in similar menus and price. This is the most famous menu in Pyeonghwa Marker. Half-half! Half for fried, half for seasoned! However, many people were eating Jjimdak (Braised Spicy Chicken with Vegetables) aside from Dakddongjib, perhaps it is delicious, too.

When we sit and wait, basic side dishes come out like this.Menus that can’t be found in other chicken restaurants such as Gyeran jjim(Whole egg gel), Yangpa Jeolim(Onion pickles) and etc. are served.

Smooth Gyeran jjim stimulates our appetite more. Take note that there are some store servingGyelanjjim but not all stores serve it!

Ban Ban menu is servedand it is served in a heaping bowl as you see in the picture.
Don't put it into your mouth immediately after it is served because it is really hot.
Pyeonghwa Market Dakddongjip alley is appointed as a special food zone of the nation, so the borough office is making sure of hygiene. You don’t have to worry much about hygiene while eating Dakddongjip.

It is a feature of Dakddongjip alley of Daegu Pyeonghwa Market! A fried sweet potato is served together with Dakddongjip.
When you visit there with your friends, aside from half-fried-half-seasoned, we also recommend the Dakddongjip in soy sauce~ A menu you can enjoy all these 3 dishes at once is the Modeum Ddongjip.

I was able to enjoy crispy and chewy taste without any smell unique to Dakddongjip!
Come and visit Dakddongjib alley of Daegu Pyeonghwa Market where you can enjoy plentiful in low prices!

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