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The best attraction of Daegu - written by Wang Mengmeng, Daegu tour blog Supporters

#1 The first station—Apsan앞산

At ten o'clock in the morning, we departed from Kyungpook National University by the 410-1 bus, which took us around 50 minutes to arrive at the largest urban nature park-Apsan Park. In order to feel all the fun of a panoramic view when we reach the hilltop,we decided to climb the mountain instead of taking a cable car. 

From the foot to the top ,it is total 2.4km,which will cost us about 30minutes to 50 minutes to get to the top.

 Apsan consists of a lot of large and small valleys ,with fresh air , elegant and pleasant surroundings,and lush forests, and it also offers a variety of recreational facilities. Walking in the valleys,you can hear the intertwined sound of birds and water. When get leisure time with family or friends, come to climb the hills here, it seems extremely comfortable.

Along the way we stoped and started, while breathing fresh air, feeling the wonders of nature, taking some funny photos to make all the views recorded. When feel tired we can take a nap on the gazebo.Without the hustle and bustle of the city,   any pressure and worry, `we slowed down the pace and felt the unique quiet of the valley from the bottom of my heart.

In addition to the graceful valley,there are also a lot of walking roads in the front of the park.And many older people come here to do some excerise.

After two hours, we finally reached the summit. When we embarked on the last step,we were suddnelly shocked at the great scenery.It was so amazing that we forgot all the weary.It deserved. I stood on the stone at the edge of the mountain, while the slight and cool wind blowing in the ear.And I let it ruffle my hair,looking down everything at my foot, surrounded by mountains and water, as well as high-rise buildings that had become too small to see clearly.At that moment,the feeling of dominating the whole nature arose spontaneously.


Seeing two aunts sitting on the edge of the boulder for a lunch,chatting with each other,which seemed that life was so fine without any difficult things that could not be solved.Whatever will make you sad,just forget it!Tomorrow is full of hope!

Then we came to the Apsan opservation,which can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Daegu.Looking at the temporary or long-term living city,when it is showed completely as such a tiny appearance,I think everyone will have different ideas in their mind.Whatever it is,it must be a wonderful and memorable moment to be recorded.


If Seoul Namsan Tower is too far,then here is another choice for couples to pray their love for a long long time by hanging the love locks.

Finally,blowed off the dust,and then go out of the valley awards the next station!

#2 The second station—Suseong Pond 

 After going down the Apsan ,we felt so tired.So we came to Suseong Pond 수성못 ,which is not so far from Apsan park. Even though tt was a little bit overcast, it could not  affect our nice mood.
수성못 is romantic. Boating on the rippling lake did have a lot of fun ,which only cost  10000KWB for two people or 15000KWBfor four people. You can see the sweet love of the couples holding their hands on the boat, the close friends laughing and singing happily .What is more, you can also see some cute ducks swimming in the lake.

Down from the boat, you can walk around the lake. Here are also some leisure and entertainment facilities for people to exercise.    

Then you can try the various snacks around Suseong pond. There is an old standing selling the Ho-ddek near the lake,which was once praised by the television. Watching people line up to buy,I could not help but join them and have a taste. The crust is thin and crunchy,with sweet stuffing inside that tastes really good.

Next to Suseong pond is a small amusement park,which adds a lot of fun and vitality.Watching the kids happily playing as if I returned to the era of innocence childhood. 

In this pleasant scenery,I have to say it is a great pity if we don’t have a picnic here.Thus,we found a pavilion on the lakeside.We had prepared some sancks like potato chips,and the brownie cake made by myself,also some drinks in advance.Started the music,looking at the green lake and the blue sky,ducks’ called sound came from time to time.If we had the fried chicken and beer,it could be much better!What a perfect day!

I enjoyed the day a lot,which made me love Daegu much more!Daegu is a perfect city.

#3 The third station-83 Tower

Daegu 83 tower is my favourte place in Daegu ,which is located in the Duryu Park.Just as it is said there is a N Tower in Seoul,and a 83 Tower in Daegu!It is 202meters high,where you can see the wonderful night scene of Daegu.
We went there at night, it is very beautiful inside of the park with colorful lights.What a romantic park!


And you can see the exciting roller coaster ,just scream to release yourself! It was a cool experience!

Then, we went to the 77 floor of the tower.I cannot describe what I saw on there with a few words.It was really amazing scene!The whole Daegu was covered with the dazzling light and showed in front of my eyes.



 You must go there in person to experience the wonderful world - E-world.It is worth visiting!

- written by Wang Mengmeng, Daegu tour blog Supporters 

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