Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May’s Festivals at Daegu / Everything about tea! Come to Daegu World Tea Culture Festival!

High-class and beautiful tea culture that is indigenous to our country! You can meet those at Daegu World Tea Culture Festival!
This event which is already a 9th event for the year is expected to be held on coming May 22~25 at Daegu EXCO with a theme of “Challenge for World Tea Culture.” The traditional teas of Korea and black teas of world’s well-known brands, substitute for teas, and more are expected to be exhibited, and difference experience programs are prepared. 

This is an opportunity to taste different kinds of teas, so don’t miss it! You also get a change to purchase teas more inexpensive than the market.

Now, shall we now know the details of the Daegu World Tea Culture Festival?

Date : 2014. 05.22 (Thursday) ~ 5.25 (Sunday), for 4 days
Venue : 1st floor DAEGU EXCO
Host : Incorporated Association, International Tea Club
Supervise : DAEGU TEA EXPO Committee
Tea Industry
1). Tea, Green tea, White tea, Yellow tea, Oolong tea, Dark green tea, Black tea, and 
     Traditional tea and etc.
2). Processed Teas : Tea beverages
3). Tea Utensils : Tea cup, Tea accessories, Tea bowl, Pot of tea, Jar of tea, Teacup 
     holder, Traditional pressed sweets dish, Tea table, Dapo (Multiple brackets) and more.
4). Industrial Machines : Instruments, Selection, Package, Storage, Green tea vending machines and etc.

Crafts Industry
1). Craft Works : Ceramics, Earthenware, Textile, Woodcraft, Metalwork, Korean paper art, Glasswork, Silverwork, Living crafts, and etc.
2). Industrial machines / Ingredients : Arts materials and subsidiary materials, Package, Distribution, Storage, and other related machines

Cultural Center
1) Music, books, drawings, folk painting, and calligraphy of tea culture
2) Tea life
         - Apparels : Hanbok, Gyeryangbok, Norigae (Korean traditional ornament), 
                           Jangsingu (Accessories)
         - Foods :Tteok (Korean rice cakes), Hangwa (Traditional Korean sweets), Yugwa (Deep-fried sweet rice cakes), Yakgwa (Honey cookie), Gangjeong (Sweet rice puffs), Hwagwaja(Traditional Japanese snacks), Yanggaeng (Sweet jelly of red beans), Chocolates, Cookies, and etc.
         - Beverages : Interior of tea room, Team room furniture, Great talent furniture, 
                              Teacup holder, table lights, and interior props
International Sector : Foreign enterprises like China, Japan, Taiwan, England, Sri 
                                   Langke and etc.
 Cultural events
Daegu International Tea Academic Conference

Academic conference open for the promotion of studies and academics by inviting a professional scholar of domestic and international tea.

Tea Etiquettedemonstration and presentation

To lead the harmony among tea drinkers and the improvement of tea culture through demonstration and presentation of tea etiquettes and accumulated experiences of tea drinkers nationwide.

International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

A place where all participated tea drinkers brew and share tea with one another and become one as they drink.

Korean Table Story Contest

To develop tea culture in our daily life through beautiful tea contest that displays tea table settings and coordination.

Korean Hanbok Contest
A contest that displays our clothes, Hanbok and introduces beautiful figure and class of Hanbok
Tea Gallery – Luxury goods store

Appreciate the aesthetic and beautiful artistry of tea accessories.

Drink-our-tea Movement

Movement to promote drinking our tea that is produced in the world’s cleanest area.

Korean Tea conference and Representative gathering
The representatives of Korean tea come together to debate on the improvement of Korean culture.
Traditional Tea Etiquette Competition

A contest where children, teenagers, and foreigners who will carry on our tradition can learn tea culture and etiquettes.

Korean Tea Culture Grand Prize

To inspire the status of tea culture by hunting and awarding the contributor who contributed to the country as well as the world in the fields of education of tea culture, culture, and industry.

Tourist information
1). Time : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Entrance up to 17:30 only)
2). Entrance fee : 5,000won
         (*Free for those who are aged above 65, handicapped, and holders of 
            identification card for the men of national merit)
         (*Holders of invitation : For the holders of invitation, the invitations needed to be submitted at the entrance of the exhibition hall. )

Official Website :
For inquiry and guide : 053-768-2516

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