Monday, May 12, 2014

Let’s go to Nogok-dong canola trip!

Daegu is overflowing with yellow canola flowers.
Warm spring could mean canola flowers while autumn could signify a full bloom of cosmos. Where could this place be?
This place is Hajung-do, located in Buk-gu Nogok-dong.

Today, beaming yellow canola flowers are welcoming the citizens.
Though it is located in the city, cars are blocked and the roads are wide. You can enjoy a relaxed and peaceful walk.

This place is composed of 21,450㎡ of canola flower field and 11,550㎡ of barley field.
You can have lone time and go for a relaxed and peaceful walk here or with your lover too.

The long canola flower field continues beside the Keum-ho river.

If you look right to the canola flower field, a green barley field could be seen.
Are you looking for a place where you could go with your family or lover?
How about traveling to Canola Flower Complex in Nogok-dong hajung-do?


-location: (Daegu Buk-gu Nogok-dong Hajung-do)
-public transportation: Buk-gu 3, Chilgok 2/ get off at Nogok-dong station
-time required: less than 1 hour
-parking lot: Below Nogokgyo, there are parking spaces.

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