Friday, May 23, 2014

Let’s go to May’s masterpiece trip / Daegu’s representative tour course, Nakdong River and Biseulsan!

If you want to enjoy a leisure tour with beautiful rivers and mountain in your sight, have a trip to ‘Nakdong River’ and ’Biseulsan’! You can utilize a subway connected in Daegu around Nakdong River, and can rent a bicycle for free in every station. However, you need your own vehicle for tour in Biseulsan.

○ Nakdonggang river*Biseulsan Course

This is a course with full of beautiful nature of Daegu. Shall we learn more about it?

Mini course 1) Nakdong River Bicycle Course

By Nakdong river bicycle Course, you can enjoy the campus adventure of KeimyungUniversity, which is famous as a shooting site of drama and famous tour spot in Daegu. Have a wonderful trip on a bicycle along Nakdong River.

Course:Keimyung University → Keimyung culture village → Keimyung University Hengso Museum→ Metasequoia Forest Road at Hosandong → Dalseong Marshy Land → The ARC Kang Jung Goryeongbo → Nakdong River Cycle Path

Mini course 2) Education Culture Experience Course

The first project in country consisted of dump site which had transformed into beautiful arboretum. Let’s depart to Hwawon Hill where nice scenery of Daegu arboretum and beautiful flowers are present.
Have your launch at Samunjin Ferry. Delicious pan fry and Makgulli will make you full.
For last course, have a experience of amazing world of science in Daegu National Science Museum to increase creativity of children.

Course: Daegu Arboretum Hwawon Hill Samunjin ferry Daegu National Science Museum

Mini course 3) Daegu Town Tour course

Have tradition trip in Inheung Village where number of spectacles exist. After tour in village, you can enjoy a farm experience in Mabijeong Mural Village where a sad legend of horse is inherited. Try to relax your body exhausted from the tour in Hwawon Recreational Forest. You can swim here and residence is prepared well. After that, you can finish your tour either in Daegu Arboretum or Daegu National Science Museum.

Course: Inheung Village -> Mabijeong Mural Village ->Hwawon Recreational Forest -> Daegu National Science Museum

Mini Course 4) Past and Future, Time slip course

Time slip course hanging between past and future! Have a history trip in Dodong Confucian School. Next, have your way to Daegu National Science Museum to witness amazing science. After the experience, take a rest in Biseulsan Recreational Forest. You can enjoy the feature of Korean Rosebay in Korean Rosebay colony, which is an attraction of Biseulsan.

Course: Dodong Confucian School -> Daegu National Science Museum ->Biseulsan Rocks Biseulsan Recreational ForestBiseulsan Daegyeonsaji Biseulsan Wide Korean Rosebay colony

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