Monday, May 19, 2014

Dating Hotspots and events for Coming-of-age Day at Daegu / Biseulsan Mountain, Café Street, Kim Gwang Seok Street, Ring Making, Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town

Where can we find a wonderful dating hotspots for Coming-of-age Day?
May 19, the theme travel prepared for the Coming-of-age Day which grants pride as an adult!
We will introduce to you special dating hotspots located at Daegu just for this day that makes us flutter.

Do you know the Korea’s Coming-of-age Day?
Every Mondays of third week of May is the Coming-of-age day!

This year’s Coming-of-age Day is on May 19 and those who becoming an adult are those who were born on 1994 (born after July) and 1995.

I surely think that there are a lot of people becoming an adult among the foreign tourists and foreign students staying in Korea now.
Many teenagers of Korea look forward to this day.

I expect that many people will share joy and happiness as they celebrate Coming-of-age Day! So, I want to recommend to you a wonderful dating hotspot you can find in Daegu.

However, don’t feel lonely because you are a single.
Together with friends for the singles! With lovers! Or with family! I introduce to you a place where everyone can enjoy. 


Recommendation 1. Biseulsan Mountain

Biseulsan Mountain, selected as one of the Daegu’s 12 sightseeing spots is located along the borderline between Dalseong-gun, Daegu and Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.
The Nakdonggang River’s scenery that we can view from Biseulsan Mountain creates a major axis that opens our hearts, it is also known for Rosebay Habitat and an azalea during spring and Silver Grass Field during autumn. As you became an adult, calm yourself down and enjoy a pleasant walk through mountain climbing at Biseulsan Mountain. Enjoy this two-bird-one-stone dating hotspots!

Address : Mountain 1, Yongni, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-sun, Daegu

 Recommensation 2. Mountain Café Street in Daegu

The mountain Café Street rising as a unique street of Daegu!
This is a place where you can leisurely enjoy a cup of tea with friends, lover, and family. This is a street where you can communicate what you couldn’t in usual days and enjoy the scenery.
There are many famous cafes hidden all over, so try selecting one as you become a star of Coming-of-age day.
Aside from the Café Street, there also is a cable car, and a park where you can enjoy happy date in the mountain.

Address : 9-dong, Daemyeong, Nam-gu, Daegu

Recommendation 3. Kim Gwang Seok Street

If there is a Garosu-gil Road in Sinsadong, there is a Kim Gwang Seok Street in Daegu!
This is a street made to remember Kim Gwang Seok who was born in 1964 to Thunderbolt Electrical Repair shop located near Bangcheon market. As you walk along the street, you will be lost in memories with the songs by Kim Gwang Seok that floats quietly.
Try leaving a precious picture and memory with pretty wall painting and music.

Address : Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu (Bangcheon Market)

For a moment!
We also recommend wonderful gifts for the Coming-of-age day together with the wonderful places for dating. Are you curious what kind of gift it is?

Experience the ‘Ring Making’ at the Daegu Jewelry Town.

I have selected you as a gift for this year’s Coming-of-age day~!
This is an experience of making a ring you can enjoy at Fashion Jewelry Town of Daegu.
This is a place that sells, displays, and produces jewelries and you can experience ‘making of my own ring’ here.

The Jewelry Town located at Jung-gu, Daegu costs 10,000won per person and you can make your own ring. Please be reminded that you should be at least 5 people.
And, it is better if you make reservation! (Reservation for ring making telephone : 053-661-2357)

You can make pretty rings using 92.5% silver with a sand paper, hammer, and an iron rod.
We don’t use 99.9% silver because it is too soft that it bends so easily. Roll round like this and hammer it.

After the process of solder melting with the help of employees, lastly, the ring is made glittering through the machine.

Finish it by cleaning and the ring is made!

One and only ring of mine!
This will be a unique experience since you can also carve name initials on the ring. Leave a special token with a friend, or a lover in celebration of the Coming-of-age Day!
I think this would be an opportunity to leave a very special memory.

Address : 38-6 Dongmun-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
To the official homepage of Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town


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