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Daegu’s Best Tourist Spots / Introducing: Daegu Palgongsan Hiking Program.

There are many hiking options to enjoy your trip to Mt. Palgongsan,Daegu’s best known mountain. Why don’t you explore Palgongsan now and heal both your body and mind?

PalgongsanHiking Main Course

As the main course of Palgongsan, PalgongsanHikingMain Course provides:
   A unique experience about safety at Daegu Safety Theme Park established after February 18th’s subway disaster
   The excitement of riding a cable car
   Experience of the coexistence of the past and the present at Donghwasa where the world’s largest stone Buddha, the World Great Unification Buddha, "Tongil Daebul" is located
   A quick view of Bangjja Yugi making steps at the country’s only Bangjja Yugi Museum; and
   Further experiences at Gatbawi, a place full of worshippers from all throughout the country.

The following are the mini courses of Palgongsan’s Hiking Program

Palgongsan Mini Course 1: Straight Course

The course 1 allows you to have a straight trip to Palgongsan and goes through mainly, Gatbawi and Donghwasa. You will be touring the making steps of Banjja Yugi, which is of the best quality among Yugis, and move to Donghwasa where the world’s largest Tongil Daebul stands. The International Tourist Ship Museum, the country’s only place to experience the ship culture, is also located inside Donghwasa. One wish at Gatbawi, the mountain’s best known spot, will complete your Straight Crouse in Palgongsan.

Course: Bangjja Yugi Museum → Donghwasa →The International Tourist Ship
Museum→ Gatbawi

Palgongsan Mini Course 2: Primary Course

The course 2 offers a primary course to relax in Palgongsan hot spring known for its quality water and have an exciting safety lesson at Daegu Safety Theme Park.
Get to the Garden of Heaven via Palgongsan cable car, have a pleasant meal and complete your course at the Ship Museumand Donghwasa

Course: Palgongsan Hot Spring →Daegu Safety Theme Park →Palgongsan Garden of Heaven/ Cable Car → Donghwasa / The International Tourist Ship Museum

Palgonsan Mini Course 3: Dynamic Course

Try starting your course with Bongmu Leports Park, the only place in Daegu where you can experience water leports, as well as Butterfly House for family travelers. 
When you get hungry, you can also visit Esiapolis, have a meal, shop, and do some leisure activities, all at the same place. While you digest the food you just ate, go to Daegu Safety Theme Park for unique safety experiences and complete your day with cable car riding from where the entire view of Palgongsan comes at one sight. 
This is just the right choice for explorer types.

Course: Bongmu Leports Park → Esiapolis → Daegu Safety Theme Park → Palgongsan Garden of Heaven / Cable Car

Palgonsan Mini 4: Learners’ course

Meet Goryeo’s founding contributor general, Sin Sunggyeom and tour around Daehan Arboretum where flowers and trees of 1700 species form a beautiful scenery! 
Visit YongjinVillage afterwards where the birthplace of the former president Taewoo Noh still stands as it was before, as well as Buinsa, a Buddhist temple once prospered in Shinra and Goryeo ages. Learners’ course is something families who want to learn about history and culture would love to go for.

Course: Sin Sunggyeom General Historical Site →Korea Arboretum → Yongjin Village/President Noh’s birthplace → Buinsa → Daegu Safety Theme Park → Banjja Yugi Museum

Palgongsan Mini Course 5: Time Travelling Course of the Past and the Present

Why don’t we cool down a bit at EXCO, Daegu’s best known facility for international conferences where all the types of international events, concerts, and exhibits are held, and tour around the strange view of Bullo Dong Ancient Tomb Parkwhere 211 ancient tombs are compactly gathered together?

Also, try Dodong Thuja Forest, the Natural Monument No. 1, located in Dodong, Daegu.
When you’re done touring Thuja Forest, blow off some sweat at Otgol Village, and try some sweet apples of Pyeongwang-dong Apple Village, the last apples of Daegu.

Course: EXCO → Bullo Dong Ancient Tomb Park → Dodong Thuja Forest → Otgol Village → Pyeonggwang-dong Apple Village

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