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Daegu Tour by urban railway Episode 2 – From Wolchon Station to Anjirang Station / Charge Transportation Card, Subway Travel course

Let me introduce to you attractions all over the urban railroad course. A course prepared in episode 2 is from Wolchon Station to Anjirang Station which is a course after Sangin Station. From western station, Duryu Park, to Anjirangstation, it is a course with well-known stores representing Daegu.

From Wolchon Station to Anjirang Station course

Before we travel, I will first give you some tips on using Daegu urban railway.

Did you know that all charge transportation card except Citi card are available for use in Daegu?

Tips on using the charge transportation card

Let’s ride the public transport conveniently with charge transportation card!
You can now use all charge card except Citi card in Daegu.
You can use it immediately without separate reissuance as long as 
‘charge transportation card’ or ‘play on’ is marked at the back of the card.
You can issue the charge transportation card by exchanging 
or newly issuing at the customer center or website of a card company.

Usable charge transportation card
HanaSK Card / Korean Exchange card / Kookmin card / BC card / 
Shinhan card / NH Nonghyup / Samsung card / Hyundai card / Lotte card

Use public transport of Daegu more conveniently with charge transportation card. 

Shall we start the urban railway travel?

In this urban railway travel, you can visit major tourist attractions of Daegu from Seongdangmot Station and Anjirang Station.
Hot places for young people! From Duryu Park, E-world, to AnjirangGopchang Alley~

First, Seongdangmot is a place where ‘western station’ that is called as gateway of south and west Daegu.
For those who will come by subway, you can go to gateway market if you exit through Exit 3.

Gateway market is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of countryside markets.
This place is also popular among foreigners because it is famous for stores of vintage apparels.

Inside the market became neat with the installation of arcade. There are variety of kinds like marine products, fruits, side dishes, snacks, and more.

You can taste the inexpensive and plentiful amount of snack foods. Bindaetteok (Mung Bean pancake), Eomuk (Fish cakes), Tteokbokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cake), and Susutteok (A tteok made of sorghum power)! Foods, attractions, and generosity of the merchants! Don’t miss the scenery you can view only at the traditional market.

Our next course is Duryu Park / E-world.
It is a bit far to walk but you can go shortly if you ride a bus. Also, you can borrow and ride a bicycle at Seongdangmot Station for free.
Take #623 bus from the Exit 2.
After alighting at the Duryu Park intersection, you walk for a bit and you will find Duryu Park and E-world. 

This is how Duryu Park looks like. We can also see the Duryu Baseball Stadium where Daegu Chicken-Beer Festival was held at. And there also is 83 Tower!
How about having a chicken and a cup of beer lying on a green grass?

Aside from these, inside the Duryu Park there are a bicycle rental booth and Duryu Swimming Pool that it is perfect as rest are for both residents and tourists. Duryu Park has everything.

A playing facility of Daegu located near Duryu Park! You can’t miss out E-world.
Day and night, four seasons. Enjoy the dynamical fun of Daegu at E-world that shows off attractions respectively.

This station is Anjirang Station! Gopchang! The food representing Daegu!
It is so chewy~ Dip it into aunique sauce of Daegu. You can taste the flavor unique to Gopchang at AnjirangGopchang Alley.
You can find it if you exit at Exit 2 of Anjirang Station.

Young people who come to Daegu visit this place. Plentiful amount and inexpensive price! AnjirangGopchang even tastes good! There are around more than 50 stores along the AnjirangGopchang Alley.
Take note that prices and amounts of all stores are the same. 

During nighttime, it is filled with young people and you can feel the heat of youth of Daegu! If you want to taste a traditional flavor of Gopchang? Come to AnjirangGopchang Alley!

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