Friday, May 23, 2014

Daegu Tour by Subway #1. Attractions in Daegu from Daegok Station to Wolbae Station

Daegu that has best transportation with subways and buses!
Currently, subway line 1 and 2 are in operation, and the monorail line 3 is expected to be opened by the end of the year.
If you make well use of the public transportation, you can visit fabulous tourist attractions of
So, we have prepared a special tour of 2014, the ‘Daegu Subway Tour.’

Daegok Station Mabijeong Mural Village / Daegu Arboretum Jincheok Station Wolbae Station Wolgok historic park/ Sangin Station Wolbae Market
Village of Nampyeong Mun Clan Wolgwang Waterfront Park

Our first course is from Daegok Station to Wolbae Station of Daegu subway line 1.
So, shall we go?

Daegok Station-Daegu Arboretum

We have departed from Daegok Station, the last stop of the Daegu subway line 1.
There are free bicycle rent and locker available inside the Daegok station.
Anyone can use the free bicycle by depositing the identification card.

The attractions you can travel near the Daegok Station are the Daegu Arboretum and Mabijeong Mural Village, and Village of Nampyeong Mun Clan. Shall we first go to Daegu Arboretum? You have to exit at Exit 3.

This is a direction board indicating that it takes around 1.3km from Exit 3 of Daegok station to Daegu Arboretum. It may be more convenient to use bicycle.

Daegu Arboretum that exhibits as many as 450,000 plants is a good place to have nature study, family picnic and a date.

Daegok Station – Village of Nampyeong Mun clan

Our next course starts from Exit 1 of Daegok station.
The Mabijeong Mural Village and Village of Nampyeong Mun clan are the villages that have long tradition and history.

If you walk around 300m from Exit 1, there is a bus station. You need to ride Dalseong No. 2 bus from here. You have to go down at Bolli 1-li station to go to Village of Nampyeong Mun Clan.

With indigenous traditional houses of Korea assembled, it has very beautiful landscape.

Daegok Station – Mabijeong Mural Village

It is located at the last stop of bus Dalseong No. 2. It is a mural village filled with colors where you can feel the warm atmosphere of a rural village. I think there are so many attractions near Daegok station.

Sangin Station – Wolgok History Park

The attractions you can visit from Sangin Station are Wolgok History Park and Wolgwang Waterfront Park. First, the place you can go by feet is Wolgok History Park. You have to exit through Exit 6.

It is a history park that has natural landscape and historical value.
This place is served as an educational space for children while rest area for the local residents.
Since there also is a museum where valuable information is exhibited, it would be a great help to study history.

Sangin Station – Wolgwang Waterfront Park

If you walk from Exit 1 of Sangin Station, you can find a bus station. You have to ride bus no. 356 and go down at Wolgwang Waterfront Park station. It takes approximately 26 minutes.

It’s getting starving. Our last course is a place filled with delicious food.

Wolbae Station – Wolbae Market

You can find Wolbae Market filled with decent foods as you exit to Exit 2 of Wolbae Station. 

You can try snack foods like tteokbokki (Stir-fried rice cake), twigim (deep-fried foods), eomuk (fish paste) and more!

How was our Daegu Subway Tour which was filled with fun?
You can now enjoy Daegu satisfactorily even without a car.


Unknown said...

Really interesting sharing! Professionally I am a tourist and visited such types of places many times. I have been there a month ago with bestbustour and had a lot of fun there. Its places are amazing and food was delicious. Wolgok History Park is one of the places that I liked there.

visitdaegu2011 said...

Wow.... good for you! Thanks for posting this.~^^