Friday, May 30, 2014

Daegu Downtown Tour / Let’s go to small resting placeswithin a downtown, Dalseong Park and Seomun Market! / Daegu zoo, Daegu Specialty Market

When we desire to have a tour in the downtown,what comes into mindis this place, a friendly place for Daegu citizens. It is Dalseong Park located atDalseong-dong,Jung-gu, Daegu and the Seomun Market at Daesin-dong, Jung-gu.

What is common between Dalseong Park and Seomun Market is that as a resting place in a downtown, you can still feel the essential of that place that lived with Daegu citizens although the place had been changed a lot.

Now, shall we fall into the attractions of Dalseong Park and Seomun Market?

'Gwanpungnu(Main gate)' located at Dalseong Park which used to be called as 'Pyemullu' that opened the gate at 5 AM dawn, and closed at 10PM with music informing the people. I wanted to climb up there to see the complete view of the Dalseong Park, but it is closed for cultural asset protection!

There is a zoo in Dalseong Park! I ran at a stride to meet our friends.
There are friends who are just staring into empty space, and some are eating while some of them are huddled around together.

If you turn your face around while watching the cute animals, a resting place full of beautiful landscapes is prepared just for you. You can have simple lunch and have communication with others. When we stand watching the beautiful trees, we will feel relieved and comfortable at heart. 

Wow~ There is an elephant before my eyes! It was very impressive when the elephant is ate foods with his nose. Compared to with his huge body, he was so cute.

You can walk with the rustling of a cool breeze, and where you can see pretty flowers and trees at Dalseong Park! I think it is a perfect place to make good memories with friends, lovers, and families.

If you had enjoyed beautiful sceneries at Dalseong Park, shall we now have a great time eating at Seomun Market?

The Seomun Market is not so far from Dalseong Park! It only takes around 10~15minutes by foot. Seomun Market which was selected as the top 3 markets of Joseon Dynasty! It is known as a fabric market and it is a famous market at Daegu that has long history of trading various products aside from fabrics all over the nation.

Shall we now start with our tour in Seomun Market while relieving our thirst?

The Seomun Market is where you can feel the warmattractionsunique toa traditional market.You can enjoy the various menus in low prices.

Seomun Market is famous for foods! We don’t have to travel to Busan just to eat apiece of Seed Hoddeok (Korean Sweet Seed Pancakes)! You can find all foods here from a Seed Hoddeok to Sweet RiceDoughnut.

Also, Seomun Market is popular for its Kalguksu (knife-cut noodled)! Not only Kalguksu, but there are various foods like Sujebi Soup (Korean-Style Pasta Soup), Janchi guksu (Banquet Noodles), Bibim guksu (Mixed Noodles), and Kongguksu (Noodles in Cold Soybean). You can enjoy inexpensive, delicious market foods at Seomun Market! How about a bowl of delicious noodles?

Aside from the foods, there also are various clothes and items for sale!
There is a fruit and vegetable market near Seomun Market where you can buy good quality, inexpensive fruits!

Two places familiar in Daegu! It is a chance to relieve all the pressures you had in downtown! Come to Dalseong Park and Seomun Market, the resting places where you can feel the coolness. 

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