Friday, May 23, 2014

Daegu Dating Hotspot / Come for flower viewing in Igok Fountain Park and Rose Park!

The beautiful rose noticeable in a single sight! There is a place in Daegu in which one can see rose flower with bare eye, sniff its scent and experience through body. That is, Igok Fountain Park located in Dalseogu of Daegu.

Igok Fountain Park, which opened on June, 2009, is only rose garden of Daegu Gyeongbuk. You can visit here by walking toward Seongseo High School for 10 minutes after getting off from Line 2 of Daegu subway or take a ride of Bus (509, Dalseo 3, Seongseo 1, Seongseo 1-1) toward Igok Fountain Park.

It is a very good chance to feel the beauty of rose during such fresh and fine weather. There are around seventeen thousand roses. Have a photo with precious memory with various roses.

There is a Dalseo Public Libray near. This is a famous place where one can enjoy reading and good scent of rose at a same time.

Favorite flower of all, Rose! Encounter rose of various colors in rose garden which has been nicer through remodeling. Let us all depart to Igok Fountain Park, the best outing place where couple, friends and family can enjoy together!

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