Friday, April 18, 2014

We introduce you the peculiar tourist course only available in Daegu.

If you are to pick the must-visit spots in Daegu?
There are so many beautiful places in Daegu~ among them, “masterpiece tourist course” which is consisted of famous attraction one must have a visit was developed.
You must be curious which places are included, right? We guide you to the BEST OF BEST Course in Daegu!

Daegu Best of Best is a linked course focusing on the most essential tourist spots among the tourist attractions which represent Daegu.
It is mainly consisted of the places with no complicated procedures such as  advanced reservation, and which are always open to individual tourist. Moreover, another advantage is its easy transportation with high accessibility using public transit. 

1.  Palgongsan Sky Garden/Cable Car

You can reach the top of mountain with 820m altitude in 7 minutes if you use the Palgongsan Cable car which is 1,200 m long.
Around 24 cable cars are under operation with 4 seconds term.
At Sky Garden, which is the destination of cable car, you can the ridge connecting Birobong, the highest peak of Palgongsan, Seobong and Dongbong.  


2.  Palgongsan Donghwasa

Donghwasa is a representative Buddhist temple of Palgongsan in which modern and past styles exist together. Tongillyaksayeoraedaebul, which contains the wish for unity of nation, with height of 33m in 1992, is very impressive.
At the basement of Tongildaebul, there is international tourism ‘Seon’ experience hall in which everyone can easily experience. Then, one also can experience temple stay, which is a Buddhist temple experience that provides leisure of mind. Particularly, temple stay is provided with English and Japanese service for foreigner. Refer to it!

3.  Dongseong-ro

If there is Myeong-dong in Seoul, there is Dongseong-ro in Daegu!
Dongseong-ro, the top high street of Daegu, is consisted of unique alleys such as Yasi-alley, jewelry alley, cellular phone alley, café alley on both sides of main street.
Dongseong-ro Festival is held every May. You can check out the hot eager of local lads in this Dongseong-ro Festival! 

4.  Modern Alley

It is a place where modern western style houses in which American missionaries lived in 1900s are concentrated. Modern Alley, where modern history of our countries seems to be alive with its breath, keeps several stories. There exists a ‘March Fist Hurrah movement road’ which connects Seoul and Daegu then ends at assembly place of March First Independence Movement which started from Seoul together with the very first western type of apple tree in Daegu.

5.  E-World / 83 Tower

eWorld, the biggest theme park of Yeungnam region, is popular among youth by its various rides! The whole city of Daegu is visible from observation platform of 83 tower, that is 83 storey high. Moreover, it is picked as the specialty of Daegu with is 365 day beautiful romantic sky garden, night light festival, and diverse cultural exhibit facilities.

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