Friday, April 25, 2014

Taste of old tradition, Dae-gu top noodle restaurant - Episode 1

10 Beauties of Dae-gue, Nureun Noodle.
There are a lot of famous noodle restaurants as famous as to be included in representative food of Dae-gu. The delicacy of Dae-gu, noodle. Dae-gu tour blog will introduce to you.

Recommendation 1. Wanggeuni Kalguksoo

It is a place which keeps an conventional taste of 40 years tradition.
There can be no better food if boiled beef is served with refreshing taste of cut noodle's soup.
Address:  Dae-gu Bukgu Dongamno38-gil 19-43 

Recommendation 2. Gyeongju Halmae Guksoo

It is located at the center of city.
You can feel a comfortable atmosphere as if you visit your own hometown.
This place is recommended to those who want to experience clean taste.
Address: Daegu Jung-gu Dongseongno6-gil 12-9

Recommendation 3. Bonjung Restaurant

Bonjung Restaurant is located near education office of Dae-gu city in Suseong-gu of Dae-gu.
It has a warm atmosphere by remodeling a family house and the taste of noodle here is the best.
Address: Daegu Suseong-gu Suseongno76-gil 38

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