Friday, April 25, 2014

Taste of old tradition, Dae-gu top noodle restaurant - Episode 2

Top noodle restaurant of Dae-gu episode 2 in continuation of episode 1 !
Come and taste Dae-gu's noodle of long tradition!

Recommendation 1. Gohyang Songuksoo

This restaurant, which is located near Bulo Traditional Market, has only one menu, that is cut noodle. Though its interior looks somewhat vintage, cut noodle itself is the best.
Address: Daegu Dong-gu Palgong-ro 26-gil 13

Recommendation 2. Donggok Halmae Wonjo Sonkalguksoo

You can taste a clean taste of hand cut noolde in Dae-gu Dalseong-gun Habin-myeon.
This place is very affectionate place with a traditional scene of Korea where firewood is used to boil an iron pot.
Address: Daegu Dalseong-gun Habin-myeon Dalgubeoldaero55-gil

Recommendation 3 Yeongrae Kalguksoo

This is a prestigious cut noodle resataurant located near Western Terminal.
It adds aromatic flavor by bean powder on cut noodle. With plentiful amount, you can eat fully.
Address: Daegu Dalseo-gu Daemyeongcheon-ro 58

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