Thursday, April 3, 2014

Take the 'Chimaek' tour at the home of the chicken industry, Daegu!

How familiar are you with the term Chimaek

It is a relatively new addition to the Korean vocabulary which refers to the combination of Chicken and beer(Korean called 'Maekju').

Chimaek is the favorite food of Cheon Song-yi in the recently concluded drama series “My Love from the Star.” It is rumored that the show’s high viewing rate in China has contributed to the recent popularity of Chimaek in China!

Chimaek is extremely popular in Daegu as well. 

In fact, Daegu is known as the origin of Korea’s seasoned chicken industry due to its tasty chicken seasoning and the high quality of chickens grown in the poultry farms in the surrounding area. 

▲ remember that? 2013 Daegu Chicken-Beer Festival 

For you fans of “My Love from the Star”, we highly recommend the following 4-Night and 5-day tour to Daegu, home to the beloved chimaek and the filming grounds for “My Love from the Star.”

[Day 1]

Arrive at Incheon Airport, Tour of the filming grounds for “My Love from the Star” in Incheon, Accommodation at Incheon

[Day 2] 
Tour of Seoul and the filming grounds for “My Love from the Star” in Kyunggi-do, Accommodation at Kyunggi-do

[Day 3] 
Travel to Daegu, Tour of Eworld, the 83-Floor Tower, and Pyounghwa Market (The Chicken Alley experience), Accommodation at Daegu

[Day 4] 
Tour of Momyungjae, the Stadium, and Dongseong-ro, take part in the Kimbab experience as well as a chimaek party, Accomodation at Daegu
 * For the last night of the tour, watch the production process of chimaek and seasoned chicken at Byulbyul Chicken House

[Day 5]
From Incheon to Daegu


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visitdaegu2011 said...

Chimaek is the most popular food in Korea.~^^