Thursday, April 10, 2014

MT. Palgong Cherry Blossom Festival 2014 in Daegu

​Are you sad that cherry blossoms have come to an end so early this spring you haven't seen enough of them? Meet us at this week's Daegu Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival!

The cherry blossoms in Daegu have already faded out since last week due to the abnormal weather conditions, but never lose heart~ In Palgongsan, dazzling and fully-bloomed cherry blossoms ​still await you!

So, are you up for a little time off this week with the cherry blossoms in Daegu's famous mountain, Palgongsan?


6th Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival

- When: April 11, 2014 (Fri)~ April 15, 2014 (Tues)
- Where: Fountain Square, Palgongsan Donghwaji-gu
​​​- Main Events: Spring Herbs Bibimbap Festival, The Eight Provinces of Korea Specialties event,

                        Cherry Blossom Music Festival Finals, Woodcraft hands-on exhibit and the like.

Now, let's see what events were in last year's Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival.


Well, what's a festival without fun? Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival is going to be full of mind-blowing performances including Pumba!

And festival means food!!! You're going to be exposed to the amazing local food of Daegu.

Not only that, but there is also going to be a Paldo Specialty Farmer's Market where you can explore the specialties of different regions from all around the country just in one place.

The moment you go up for a break after exploring the endless sights of the street, and see the azure sky and wind-blown cherry blossoms hovering around before your eyes like flakes of snow, you're definitely gonna feel like you're actually in a heaven on earth.

Driving through Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Festival and enjoying the warm spring gale through the open windows would definitely be just as perfect!

See you this week at Palgongsan~ 

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