Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Here's to another hot spot in Daegu Dongseong-ro! 'Musical Square'

From every June to July, Daegu turns into a city of musicals, on the account of the celebration of Daegu International Musical Festival(DIMF).

The truth is, through the 8years of Daegu International Music Festival, Daegu have drawn a lot of attention from global musicians!
Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate it with us on June 27 to July 14, 2014~

The Korean musical market scale has grown incredibly that by in end of the year 2012, it reached 250 billion won.  It is also being recognized as the next-generation content to come next to current Korean drama and K-pop in creating the Korean wave.

Did you know?
Among provincial cities outside Seoul, the city with the most number of musicals watched by a person is no other than Daegu?

That is why 'Musical Square' has been newly founded in the middle Daegu's downtown!
You can visit the 250㎡ scale 'Musical Square' in Dongseong-ro Underground Shopping Center (Daehyun Primall) located in front of Cine City Hanil, the center of Daegu.
Musical Plaza is mainly divided into three areas. 

The first area is the structure-within-a-picture area. You can find in this area pillars with pictures of the scene in the musical 'Singing in the Rain', wherein its main character Don Lockwood sings in the midst of rain, as well as the scene in the musical 'Mama Mia,' wherein its main character Sophie looks out to the sea from the window before her wedding.

Next is the display area on the wall. In this area you can find information about the concept of musical, the world's top 4 musicals as well as other notable musical works, the history of major musicals that have been performed in Korea and Daegu, the history of all original Korean musicals such as Daegu's original musical 'Turandot', and lastly about the very Daegu International Musical Festival itself.  

Last is the hand printing area.
Arranged in an oval on the plaza field, there are handprints of seven of Korea's musical actors and actresses Nam Kyung Joo, Choi Jung Won, Hong Ji Min, An Jae Wook, Jung Sung Hwa, Ok Joo Jyun, Yu Jun Sang imprinted on the ground. More handprints are to be added every year!

You now know you should go see for yourself this 'Musical Square' once you get to visit Daegu!

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