Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Experiencing Daegu City rail line 3, Monorail!

Daegu City Rail Line 3 whose construction started in 2009!
Unlike line 1 and 2 being operated underground, monorail system was applied and now rising as new landmark of Daegu today. Daegu Tourism blog tried to experience monorail, which is to open officially at the end of this year, as we heard news about trial ride of monorail by people concerned.

In this trial ride, we accompany the trial drive from the first station to the end along the line 3 of Daegu City rail. We had a one way trip of 30 stations in total, which is 23.95 Km long.

Gyeongdaebyeongwon Station!
Today’s starting point, Chilgok Gyeongdaebyeongwon Station!
You see two rails 10m above the ground?

In the station, passengers can use stairs.
On other side, there are escalator and elevator for convenience of users.

The distance between stations ranges from 590m to 1130m, with average distance of 770m. 

We stand on platform. Checking out if screen door is functioning well!

Daegu City line 3 monorail is consisted of 3 cars per 1 unit.
Every car has width of 2.9m, length of 15.1m and height of 5.24m. If you see in person, it is very… cute :D

The distance between car and platform is relatively narrow too.. so it passed negligent accident prevention!

The interior of monorail was containing several equipments to repeat tests. It will continue the test until the end of this year.

Instead of operation room in line 3 monorail, its front and back is designed to be view seat to open to people. It is operated manlessly, but during early period of operation, safety agent will accompany to measure any outbreak situation.

Actual view from view seat! It’s like being on a ride~ :D

Daegu City Rail line 3 running at speed of 30~40 km/h !
The feature of Daegu through the window of car is very beautiful~

I can see Paldalgyo~ and this car also pass by Jaeil Church, one of tour course of modern alley, and Shincheon, the rest area of Daegu citizen.

At the end of this year, you will be able to ride also!
How is it? Is it ok as new landmark to represent our Daegu?

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