Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dalgubeol! dyed by colorful lanterns

It is an event to hang lighted lanterns in order to observe and celebrate birth of Buddha during Sa-wol Cho-pa-il of every year and it is our traditional festival 'Lantern Festival' which has been continued from United Silla Period.
This event, which was held at Duryu Baseball Stadium until last year, was held with floating lanterns on river as it moved to Sincheon.
The event place of 2014 Dalgubeol lantern festival was located at the waterside between Sincheon Jungdong-gyo and Sangdong-gyo.

The night of Sincheon was shining brilliantly by reflection of light of lanterns.

Moreover, lotus lantern tunnel which was set for people to cross Sincheon was very attractive.

The shining appearance of gigantic lantern made of Korean paper on the river~
You can see it right? Lanterns materializing traditional festival and young monk, and other various lanterns shine the flowing river more brightly.

And on 26th, release of flying lanterns and candle ritual were performed together.

The flying lanterns, full of wishes, being released to the sky.
Be joyful and good events with you all!
Dae-gu tour blog made a wish instead. ^^

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