Friday, April 4, 2014

Dae-gu representative cherry blossom tunnel! Have a spring outing to Jijeodong Cherry blossom street.

Go for a spring outing to Jijeodong Cherry Blossom tunnel, the cherry blossom attraction of Dae-gu.
It is also near to Dongchon pleasure ground.
It is beautiful with blooming cherry blossom during spring, but it is also a popular place being loved as a resting place of citizen throughout whole year.

Cherry blossom tunnel connected along Geumho riverside. Isn't it wonderful?

You can also see new attraction of Dae-gu, Ayang Train road, over there.

There are students to enjoy spring outing under warm spring sun lay..

Bee's on a cherry blossom too.

If you are planning a spring outing for such wonderful spring day, Jijeodong Cherry Blossom Road is recommended.

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