Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dae-gu International eyeglasses exhibit where eyeglasses of new trend can be seen by single sight

We visited Dae-gu International eyeglasses exhibit where 2014 eyeglasses trend could be seen by one sight.

This is an exhibit continuing the fame of Dae-gu as one of '4 eyeglasses production cities of world' which is responsible for 80% of domestic eyeglasses industry.
There gathered domestic and foreign buyers at one place in this exhibit.

You can see everything related to eyeglasses such as frame, sunglasses and 3D eyeglasses. There are several consultations going on by buyers in exhibit.

Moreover, you can purchase various kinds of glasses and accessory at low price.

It is an annual international eyeglasses exhibit in Dae-gu.
Unlike other cities, it has a high superiority of glasses, and its production ability is uncomparable! City of eyeglasses, Dae-gu~ Please pay attention here.

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