Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dae-gu Attraction / Introducing Dae-gu representative tour course #2 - Suseonggachang Course

As a continuation of Dae-gu masterpiece tour course #1, today is the second story! Dae-gu representative tour course for each area will be introduced.
Suseonggachang area is a course connecting Suseong-gu, that is called as Gangnam of Dae-gu and Dalseong-gun Gachang-myeon which boasts its country atmosphere.

From resource in which various cultural art experiences such as Dae-gu Stadium and Dae-gu Art Gallery are available, different theme park such as Herb Hills, Forest Spavalley, Suseong Pond, and to Apsan View Site where Dae-gu can be seen in a single sight.
This is a course filled with unusual joy that can be found in Dae-gu.

Mini Course 1 : Dae-gu Art and PE one round course

What about to have a round of Art and Physical Education in Dae-gu where the biggest sports complex of Korea is located? Of course there is entertaining virtual sports experience hall for several games! Have a tour in Dae-gu Art Gallery with leisure, and a healing experience by walking in Herb Hills with full of Herb scent~

○ Course : Dae-gu Stadium -> Virtual Sports experience hall -> Dae-gu Art Gallery -> Herb Hills -> Spavalley Forest -> Dutch Coffee museum

Mini Course 2: Luxury Art Travel Course

If you want to enjoy a luxurious tour? Have a luxurious lunch at Deulangil which was chosen as one of top 3 delicacy attraction nationwide after looking round Dae-gu Art Gallery! In addition, watch a play in Suseong Artpia~ walk a round of Suseong Pond.. then watch night water fountain show to end luxury art tour!

○ Course : Dae-gu Art Gallery -> Deulangil  -> Suseong Artpia -> Suseong Pond

Mini Course : Dae-gu's Japanese Trace discovery adventure Course

Trace of Japan discoverable in Dae-gu, an auditorium to praise the spirit of generla Kim Chung Seon who is immigrated Japanese during Japanese Invasion and Korea-Japan Friendship Hall that makes a storytelling about it, Herb Hills as a space of herb, and Imsil Cheese Experience Town with various activities such as funny cheese and pizza making!

In a garden of forest light embroided with 5.5 million LED, enjoy the beautiful night of Dae-gu during evening.

 ○ Course : Herb Hills -> Spa Valley -> Nokdong Auditorium Korea-Japan Friendship Hall -> Imsil Cheese Experience Town

Mini Course 4 : Date course for romance lover

Enjoy various experience in Herb Hills with seasonal experiences for whole year~

have a hot spring bath in Spa Valley~ then end with romantic dinner in Deulangill which is full of luxury cafe and restaurants~

○ Course: Herb Hills -> Spa Valley -> Dutch Coffee Museum -> Suseong Pond -> Deulangil

Mini Course 5 : Eat(Deulangil) Enjoy(Suseong Pond) Surprise(Apsan Observatory). 3 Go Course.

Suseong Pond that is now set as a beautiful lakeside cultural leisure town formed with cafe and different delicacy village connected to Deulangil!
After receiving a breastful fresh energy of Apsan, have your meal at delicacy streets such as Apsan Matdulegil, Apsan Cafe Street, Anjilang Gopchang Street nearby .

○ Course : Suseong Pond -> Apsan Observatory -> Apsan Matdulegil -> Apsan Cafe Street -> Anjilang Gopchang Street

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