Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[Recommended Spring Tourist Hot Spots in Daegu] Yellow forsythia decorate Sincheon’s Spring

Daegu’s Spring is short-lived.
Because it has a continental climate with hot summer and cold winter. 

So why not make the most of Spring in Daegu?
Here are some of our top recommendations for destinations in Daegu where Spring is abloom!

Our first destination is “Sincheon”.


Originating from the southern hills and flowing 12.5 km into the Geumho River, Sincheon is a provincial brook that traverses downtown Daegu.

This relaxing destination is located deep in the heart of Daegu and has long been cherished by its citizens for its Spring forsythia and cherry blossoms, Summer swimming facilities, Autumn biking trails, and Winter skating rinks.

Sincheon is already fully abloom with a majestic display of forsythia.

Come with fellow bikers, family, or that special someone to feast your eyes on the beautiful forsythia that everyone has been talking about!


Sincheon is also home to the beloved otter, mallard, and egret; the opportunity to see these majestic wild creatures inhabit the city centre is one that cannot be missed!


Come witness the majestic forsythia bloom along the trails of Sincheon, and be sure to take the time to cross the bridges that overpass the brook at various locations.


Amidst the hustle of our daily lives, why not take to the time to relax by witnessing the city don its Spring cloak? Come and enjoy peace of mind as nature unfolds its many Spring gifts.

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