Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daegu’s E-world cherry blossom festival at night and K-dream concert

Flowers have always signaled the coming of spring!
But no flower is more anticipated by young and old alike than the spring cherry blossom!

Now is your chance to buy a ticket to see Daegu’s beautiful cherry blossoms while meeting your favorite K-Pop stars at the Daegu E-world cherry blossom festival!

See your favorite K-Pop stars perform from March 21 to March 23!

Come and enjoy the various events at E-world by hopping on the Elephant Train Tour, and walk through the Secret Cherry Blossom Path at the 83Tower, where two thousand additional cherry blossom trees have been planted along the trail for your enjoyment!

Come to E-world and experience the magic of a spring night filled with cherry blossoms.

○ Events

1. Cherry Blossom Festival and Pop K-dream Concert (Location: Duryu Baseball Park)

- March 21 (Friday) : 
   B.A.P / 4Men / Dal Shabet / Dam-bi Son / Skull & Haha / ZE:A / Topp Dogg / Hello Venus
 - March 22 (Saturday) :

   B.A.P / AOA / Girl’s Day / Nine Muses / Bangtan Boys / Skull & Haha / Orange Caramel / Hello Venus
 - March 23 (Sunday) :

   Jaejoong Kim(JYJ) / AOA / 4Men / Girl’s Day / Dal Shabet / Ailee / Boy’s Republic, Topp Dogg

2. The Elephant Train Tour around Duryu Park and the 83-Floor Tower

3. The Secret Cherry Blossom Path

4. The fantastic Luminariae light show comprised of 8.3 million lightbulbs.

○ Admission Fee : Click here

Tip) Customers who take advantage of the weekly free-pass can access both the Cherry Blossom Festival as well the K-Dream concert.

○  Directions
- Subway: Take the No. 2 subway line, get off at Duryu station and walk five minutes
- Bus: Take the No. 1 Express bus, get off at the opposite side of the Textile Center, transfer to bus No. 653 and get off at the opposite side of the Duryu police station

○ More Info
 -  E-world  TEL 053-620-0001
 - homepage :


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