Friday, March 21, 2014

Daegu International Airport to Open Low-Cost Carriers including T’way Air and Jeju Air

Daegu, the center of transportation!

In addition to being an extensive land transportation hub due to the Gyeongbu line KTX railroad and the Gyeongbu highway, Daegu has now opened its skies to become the center of air transportation as well, thanks to Low Cost Carriers that are scheduled to operate at Daegu International Airport in the near future.

Low Cost Carriers (LLC) refer to airlines that have cut down on operation costs by eliminating any unnecessary services and thus are able to offer lower fares to its customers. Compared to their larger counterparts, LCC’s stand in the spotlight in terms of low airfares by offering prices that are cheaper by at least 2~30% to a maximum of 7~80%.

On March 30, T’way Air, one of the domestic LCC’s will be spreading its wings for the first time at Daegu Internaitonal Airport, while Jeju Air is scheduled to open new routes by July.

At Daegu International Airport, the new Low Cost Carriers are scheduled to open the Daegu-Jeju Island route!

○ T’way Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island flight schedule

- Flight schedules are subject to change.

  For more information, please refer to T’way Air’s website at

○ T’way Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island airfare

   - Per one (1) adult 
  - Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and airport service charge not included

○ Jeju Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island flight schedule (Starting from July 3rd)


○ Jeju Air’s Daegu-Jeju Island airfare (officially announced fares)

- Per one (1) adult 
- Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) and airport service charge included (based on March)

International routes are scheduled to open as well. Starting from April, T’way Air will open a regular route between Daegu and Shanghai (7 flights per week), as well as three irregular routes Daegu-
Zhangjiajie, Daegu-Yanji, and Daegu-Guilin. Jeju Air will also be opening a route Daegu-Beijin (7 flights per week).

Isn’t this great news for Chinese nationals who are planning to visit Daegu?
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